Apple iPhone 14 pro Max Review 2022

iPhone 14 Pro Max (Review) 2022

by AMTradez

The new Apple iPhone 14 was the subject of a Twitter poll (opens in new tab) prior to its launch. Clearly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max came out on top, with a wide margin of victory. It seems current iPhone buyers want all the features Apple’s premium handset has to offer, not just a larger display and a longer battery life.

In comparison with its sibling, the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 isn’t that much more powerful, but noticeably more powerful than the new iPhone 14 and its big brother, the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus. The fastest, most efficient, and best silicon Apple has ever made is just found in half of Apple’s latest smartphones. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max feature the A16 Bionic, a 4-nanometer process, while the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus use A15 Bionic, which was also used in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

You won’t want to miss Dynamic Island. A few millimeters from the top edge of the screen, Apple’s unusual solution for its notch, a flexible display ‘island,’ completely blew us away. This island still houses the front camera (upgraded to automatic focus) and sensors for 3D measurement, but some technologies, such as the proximity sensor, are hidden behind the display. We are left with a pair of cutouts – a pill-shaped one, and a circle-shaped one – separated by a small active screen area. 

Overall, it appears like a smaller cylinder and sometimes appears all-black without any animation or notification. As a result of screen activity and gestures, it can transform in a remarkable way.

Interacting with iPhone has never been easier. Designed to save lives with groundbreaking safety features. For mind-blowing detail, this camera has a 48MP sensor.

The oleophobic coating on the lens reduces smudges on the lens, but many people are concerned about how much swiping might affect selfies. There has been a long wait for an always-on display that can refresh at just 1Hz to help save battery life. While Apple is well behind its competitors in implementing this feature, it continues to do so in its own unique way. The ability to view time, date, and widgets without having to touch your iPhone’s screen is nice, although it does cause the battery to dwindle slightly.

Pixel binning, which is a favorite feature on Google’s Android devices, is finally arriving on the iPhone, improving low-light performance and color accuracy by combining brightness and color data from four (or more) pixels.

Compared to, say, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, Apple’s camera sports a 48MP sensor, which is less of a headline number than a technological advance. A superb lens accompanies this sensor. It’s also possible to shoot in 48MP ProRAW mode, which is ideal for pro photographers (just make sure the option is enabled in the settings). We consider 120 degrees to be wide enough for a 12MP ultrawide camera, and with a large sensor and more focus pixels, we gain better quality. Using the new ultrawide lens, wide-angle photos are now more vibrant and bright, and macro shots are also more detailed.


  • Design familiar to ‘Pro’ users
  • Only a slight difference in size
  • With no notch, the display looks fresh

Honestly, apart from the gorgeous new Deep Purple finish on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s hard to tell apart the iPhone 13 Pro Max from the iPhone 14 Pro Max at first glance. It’s amazing how similar they are. It is still possible to find some subtle differences between them.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max measures 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85mm, making it slightly shorter and narrower than the last phone. It is also slightly thicker. At 240g, the phone weighs the same as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so none of this is noticeable when you look at it or hold it.

This iPhone 14 Pro Max (as well as the 14 Pro) features Apple’s premium material experience, which includes a stainless steel frame and front and back frosted screens. If you are looking for an iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Dubai you can visit our website.


  • There is nothing better than a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR screen
  • Dynamic islands replace the notch
  • Refreshing adaptively and Always-on are great features

In fact, the reworked Super Retina XDR display revitalizes what some might consider an outdated iPhone design language. Dynamic Island, the new phone’s biggest innovation, is not only under the hood of the iPhone 14 Pro Max but is also on the screen.

Rather than a notch, there is an oblong cutout in the slightly higher pixel density 2796 x 1290 display. A Dynamic Island floats a few millimeters below the top edge of the OLED screen, rather than hugging its top and encompassing its ultra-thin speaker slot.


  • With 48MP quad-pixels, it’s finally a reality
  • The three-lens array has been upgraded across the board
  • Autofocus is now available on TrueDepth cameras

In spite of the fact that the camera array on the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and the iPhone 14 Pro) may look similar to that on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, there are some significant differences in how the lenses and sensors operate.

There is no doubt that the 48MP quad-pixel main camera is the star of this triad. It has taken Apple years to develop a sensor like this with a high pixel count, and yes, Apple is treating quad-pixel binned images as if they were something new. 

The answer is no, it’s not. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra uses nine-pixel binning for its 108MP main sensor, which is the same as the one used on the S20 Ultra. A sensor works by taking the data from multiple pixels and combining them into a single larger, richer effective pixel to improve the color and low-light performance of the image.


  • A display that is always on degrades battery life
  • It is possible to use a limited, indoor device for 26 hours
  • The use of an always-on, ultra-bright device reduces the battery life significantly

Although Apple has not disclosed the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery. Snooping around reveals it’s actually slightly smaller (4,323mAh vs 4,352mAh), despite claiming 29 hours of video playback (compared to 28 hours on the iPhone 13 Pro Max); it’s likely to gain some battery life thanks to the more efficient A16 Bionic processor.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn’t have as powerful a battery as the iPhone 14 Pro. Mostly because of the always-on display, or if you use it outdoors in bright, powerful light.

The phone ran out of juice by about 10 PM, after having come off the charger at 6 AM, when it was used in mixed conditions, including commuting across the city, streaming video, listening to music, and browsing email.


  • The new iOS 16 is available out of the box
  • It’s great to have a new lock screen
  • What are you waiting for? Unsend those texts now

There is iOS 16 on every Apple iPhone 14 handset. There are some significant platform changes in this iOS upgrade, which is worth checking out.

It features a lock screen as one of its highlights. Our iPhone 14 Pro Max beauty shot occluded the redesigned time display, so we added our own custom photo. The segmentation of the image vanish in always-on mode.

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