What Not To Do After A Lip Filler Injection In Dubai

What Not To Do After A Lip Filler Injection In Dubai

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Lip augmentation with fillers is one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures amongst Emiratis. Although it is a straightforward treatment, it requires aftercare to be successful. As a responsible patient, you should maintain appropriate behavior in order to ensure promising results and reducing the chances of complications.

Lip Fillers Recovery Tips

So, exactly what not to do after a lip filler injection in Dubai? Here are some essential post-operative care instructions to follow after your lip fillers in Dubai:

  • Avoid excessive exercise for the first few days:

The first few days following lip reshaping surgery necessitate relaxation and recupation. Reduce unnecessary motion; instead, try as hard as possible to stay in bed or on the couch. You will feel some soreness in the coming days, but it will fade with time, and you will soon be free to maneuver around fairly swiftly.

  • You should not go to your therapy alone:

Ask a family member or someone you trust to accompany you on the day of your treatment and to stay with you for a few days afterwards. Because you will be unable to drive, this person will be in charge of transporting you home and assisting you in the days following the treatment.

  • Employ no prescription that has not been recommended by your physician:

Although some inflammation is common following lip augmentation, you should refrain from taking any drugs until told to do so by your physician. Pain killers and other medications may cause serious side effects in the days post treatment. Antibiotic, on the other hand, may be recommended to prevent infection.

  • Stick to foods that are not hard to eat

You are encouraged to avoid foods that are difficult to chew or eat or can create a mess so that you are less likely to clean the mouth or harm the injection site. Sometimes, it is recommended to complete stay on a liquid diet; this actually depends on the type of fillers being used.

  • Do not sleep on your face

It is better that you sleep with your head elevated on pillows for at least 24 hours. This would reduce swelling, and ensure more natural-looking outcomes.

  • Restrict sun exposure

It is critical to use extreme caution when it comes to direct sunlight. It is normal to have some bruises on your skin after operation; nevertheless, you should avoid sunbathing to avoid hyperpigmentation of the lips. It is also essential to use a preventive cream after restoring the fuller, more beautiful lips.

  • Refrain from dehydration

You need to stay hydrated 24/7 to get the most out of your lip injections Dubai. Please drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages throughout the recovery phase. Additionally, in this recovery, you cannot smoke either

  • Never skip a follow-up session

The professional will schedule many post-operative sessions for you to attend in order to track the treatment’s progress. You are advised to attend all of them because he is the one who is responsible for the final outcome of your lip augmentation.

Lip Fillers Cost

Depending on the plumping ingredient, lip injections cost can vary. Still, it usually ranges from AED 900 to AED 1400 per 1ml. To get an accurate cost estimate, consult a dermatologist in your area.

When to See a Doctor

Even the best lip fillers Dubai have some side effects including inflammation and redness. But thankfully, they are short-term and do not affect your daily life significantly.

However, in some situations, there may be significant edema, vascular blockage, and blisters as well. If you experience any of these complications, you need to see the doctor right away.

The Takeaway

  • Like other cosmetic procedures, lip augmentation Dubai is an elective procedure and costs a lot of money. The best way to get the most of your investment and lead a healthy life afterward is to follow the pre-operative and post-operative tips closely
  • Also, you need to be aware of both the pros and cons. The procedure is pretty simple but it can lead to complications.

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