What is Liposuction Surgery: What Should You Know

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Liposuction surgery in Dubai enhances your body’s shape and proportion by eliminating extra fat from several regions. It slims and reshapes the body for a better self-image.

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction. But it does provide a means to a smoother, trimmer physique for people who have regions of fat that will not go away with weight loss or exercise.

What exactly is liposuction?

Liposuction surgery procedure eliminates extra fat deposits to mould a patient’s physique into a better form. While liposuction is most commonly associated with fat removal. It is also one of the most effective procedures for helping a patient modify their shape. Since no other treatment allows for such exact adjustments in body form. Cosmetic surgeons frequently employ liposuction to perfect the outcomes of additional surgeries.

Why is it performed?

Liposuction in Dubai can assist men and women of all ages overcome the shame created by localised regions of excess fat. It is best suited for reducing or removing stubborn areas of fat that have previously proven resistant to standard diet and exercise regimens. It is mainly done for places that stay out of proportion to the rest of the body shape, regardless of weight loss.

The process includes the lasting surgical removal of fat beneath the skin’s surface via suction keyhole surgery, done under anaesthesia. It is common for a one-night stay in the hospital to recuperate.

The ultimate goal of liposuction surgery is to create a well-contoured and permanently slimmer profile in the treated region. The surgeon’s goal is to develop a new form that complements and works in harmony with the rest of the patient’s body proportions.

What is the method for liposuction (fat removal)?

  • Liposuction is a surgical technique that removes excess fat from the body using a thin tube called a annular. This annular can be linked to a big syringe or specific surgical vacuum equipment used to suck up extra fat cells.
  • The surgeon gradually removes fatty deposits from any problem areas during the operation until the region resembles a more symmetrical and regular shape.
  • Patients can be anaesthetised or sedated throughout this surgery, which can usually take between one and two hours.
  • The anaesthesia used typically determines whether a patient is treated as a day case or stays in the hospital overnight to heal.
  • Techniques differ amongst surgeons and depend on the specific demands of each case. However, the surgeon typically injects the targeted region with a natural solution. It reduces bleeding, bruising and numbs the surrounding tissue for up to eight hours after surgery before suctioning away extra fatty deposits. This fluid will be absorbed in part by the body, with the remainder leaking out of the minor annular wounds for 24 hours following surgery. It is a natural procedure, and patients should not be concerned about it.
  • After suction surgery, the small keyhole cut sites are either sutured with a tiny single stitch or closed with a simple Elastoplast dressing. Patients are subsequently put in a stiff support garment. They must wear this at all times for the next four to six weeks. This support garment is essential because it offers compression to the newly created shape, aids in the early decrease of oedema, and promotes healing.

Recovery from Liposuction

Today’s modern liposuction procedures are meant to reduce swelling, trauma, and pain. When performed by a trained cosmetic surgeon, liposuction recovery may be very short. Depending on the physical demands of occupations and the complexity of surgeries, patients return to work within a few days following procedures. Though your cosmetic surgeon can prescribe pain medication, most individuals find that over-the-counter medications are sufficient to treat any postoperative discomfort.

Your cosmetic surgeon at the best liposuction clinic in Dubai may prescribe a compression garment for you to wear for a few weeks after surgery. It reduces oedema and promotes proper skin contraction. Scars should disappear dramatically during the months following surgery if adequately cared for. In many situations, scars are scarcely noticeable after a year or more.

How much liposuction surgery cost in Dubai?

The typical price range is EYED 4,000 – EYED 20,000.

Liposuction costs an average of EYED 6,000, according to a countrywide ABS poll. The cost of liposuction varies considerably based on the size and location of the targeted parts of the body. During your interview with a surgeon, make sure to inquire about the pricing and any affordable liposuction in Dubai.


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical therapy that removes excess fat from the body. However, as with any major operation, must follow procedures and safeguards to guarantee a smooth recovery. It includes the following:

  • Refraining from intense exercise during the first several weeks
  • Putting on a compression bandage
  • Doing some light activity, such as walking

Keep in touch with your doctor (ideally a board-certified one) to address any concerns and avoid consequences. They can assist you in managing your requirements both before and after therapy.

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