Skin Care Musts for Winter

Skin Care Musts for Winter

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Winter receives its toll from skin and if you do not take much care of your skin, it never fairs well. Dry, cracked and patchy skin comes inevitably with winter. You must be a degree more conscious to protect yourself from the cold and cruel breeze. Find out some ideal skincare treatments to nourish your skin and protect it until the spring arrives. 

Exfoliation is a must

Exfoliate your skin daily. But if you are busy enough that it would be difficult for you then you must do it thrice a week at a minimum. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and your skin readily absorbs moisturizer that penetrates deep and protects it from dryness. Removal of dead skin also allows natural oils of skin to hydrate the upper layer naturally.

Drink ample water 

Patchy skin is an indication that your body needs water. Although dehydration is commonly related with summer, skin dehydration can easily be seen in winter also. No one can state an exact quantity of water that an individual needs in a day because every person’s needs are according to his/her routine. If you do some strenuous activities or intense workouts which cause sweating, you should drink more water. For a person who rarely does intense tasks water requirement would be low. As a general rule, 8 glasses are recommended per day. 

Water is not the only source to hydrate your skin, eat fruits enriched with wateras they are also great sources to keep your skin glowing. 

Never leave your skin without a moisturizer

Day creams work excellent in daytime because they last all day and do not harm skin in sunlight. It would be a plus if your day cream contains sunscreen because it will give you extra protection. Night creams hydrate skin more deeply and help in provide skin essential oils. They are good for night time use.  

Never leave your skin unattended

Apart from skincare treatments you must not leave your skin unattended because you may not realize it now but once scarred or attacked by some disorder you will definitely miss your old glowing skin. Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema and Actinic Keratosis are some serious skin issues that are often developed in winter. They need an immediate consultancy from a skin specialist.

Apply masks

Hydrating masks help your skin to maintain an appropriate amount of water in your skin. They should be applied once or twice a week to provide your skin moisturizing effects. Shea butter and rosemary masks are excellent for skin. They provide moisturizer that your skin intensely needs in winter. 

You can choose homemade masks as well. Many routine kitchen items make great masks and skin care products that do not have any side effects either. Mix an egg yolk with two teaspoons of olive oil, apply it to your skin and rinse it when it dries up. You will experience polished and glowing skin. 

Avoid harsh products

Products that absorbs your skin oil and leave it dry must be avoided during winter. Some soaps are especially good in making your skin flaky, you must stay away from them and all the products that give your skin a patchy appearance.

Use moisturizing bars instead of scented soaps and prefer face washes that list antibacterial agents in their list of ingredients.  

No doubt, winter is hard for your skin but with proper skincare treatments youcan maintain your facial glow throughout the winter. You can take advantage of free online consultation if your want to know more about having a glowing and scar free skin.  





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