Radiofrequency treatments – A secret to look younger

Radiofrequency treatments – A secret to look younger

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Although there are a number of beauty treatments publicly available in plastic surgeon’s office, they are still a secret for the majority of people. One of these open secrets is radiofrequency treatments

For me, the best way to look younger is by providing the nutrition and the physical activity to our body, it desperately needs. However, a recent incident pointed out that there is some additional help available by the latest technology to look surprisingly younger. I just happened to meet a plastic surgeon few weeks back. Incidentally, his brother accompanied him. At first glance, I thought that his brother would be around 10 years older than him. During the discussion, I was startled to know that his brother was actually 10 years younger than the surgeon. I would not have been surprised if the plastic surgeon had been very active physically – which he was not. At that moment, I decided to uncover his secret. 

I did a lot of research about cosmetic surgery procedures. Some nonsurgical procedures include chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, and radiofrequency treatments while surgical facelift is always an option to remove sagging skin. According to my research, he was not a candidate of surgical facelift, so I dropped this possibility right away. 
Chemical peels are good at peeling off the outer layer of skin. However, they work from outside, and their effects remain on the outer layers of the skin only. Laser skin rejuvenation works wonders by peeling off outer layer of skin and penetrating deeper to stimulate collagen. This stimulation tightens skin. However, you do not need skin peeling if your skin is already smooth, have no pigmentation, sunburns, or wrinkles. 

If you don’t want to peel off the outer layer of skin, but want to stimulate collagen to have a tight and youthful skin, radiofrequency treatment is the one that does exactly the same.  

Radiofrequency waves do not affect the outer layer of your skin. They penetrate deeper and heat dermal and subcutaneous skin layers. The heat causes the collagen to contract and produce immediate tightening of the treated area. This heat also stimulates collagen to get stronger in the long-term. Unlike skin peeling, this treatment does not have any downtime at all.

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