Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: The Vampire Facial

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: The Vampire Facial

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The skin rejuvenation procedure Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is commonly referred to as a “Vampire Facial,” not since it makes a patient pallid and glistening as in Twilight, but since it uses the patient’s blood. Platelets discovered in plasma are extracted from a patient’s blood sample and injected into areas of the face to aid healing.

Platelets are blood-clotting cells present in the circulation. When a clot forms, platelets release enzymes that promote healing and tissue regeneration by attracting stem cells to the site to help repair the damage.

A Vampire Facial starts when the physician obtains a blood sample from the patient. The PRP has been deleted. The doctor will inject this plasma into crucial parts of the patient’s face using micro-needling technology.

These injections stimulate collagen synthesis and the formation of new skin cells rich in human growth factors, allowing the skin to mend and replenish itself, resulting in younger, firmer, and more supple skin.

The Vampire Facial revitalizes the patient’s skin with minimal downtime.

How Does the Vampire Facial Work?

The Vampire Facial uses the Rejuvapen micro-needling device to revitalize skin without the need for any invasive methods. The Rejuvapen creates micro-channels in essential parts of the face, into which the doctor injects the platelet-rich plasma.

You will have a thorough consultation with our doctor here at Glow Aesthetic Center, during which you will be able to discuss your medical history as well as your goals and expectations for the Vampire Facial. Your treatment may take place on the same day as your appointment. However, it will always include the following steps:

Preparation: Your face’s treatment region is thoroughly cleansed and prepped.

Drawing Blood: The clinician takes around two tablespoons of blood from a vein in your arm.

Plasma Separation from Blood: For roughly 10 minutes, the blood is placed in a centrifuge, which rapidly rotates the blood. It enables platelet-rich plasma, which is lighter than the rest of the blood, to float to the surface, where it can be readily collected.

Anesthetic: If needed or desired, the doctor may apply a topical anesthetic to your treatment region to provide more comfort throughout the process.

Treatment: The doctor will perform a microneedling treated with the Rejuvapen before applying platelet-rich plasma to the treatment region. The Rejuvapen creates micro-channels that directly access the lowest skin layers, promoting healing.

Best Outcomes: Most patients will notice the best results after three sessions, one month apart, while one treatment may suffice for certain people.

Patience Is Necessary: Platelet-rich plasma includes growth factors that stimulate the skin’s production of stem cells. These cells repair the region as a wound by forming new cells, including collagen and blood vessels. The new collagen regenerates itself after 30 days. It will take some time for your skin to rejuvenate itself.

How does Long Will Recovery take After PRP Therapy?

One of the Vampire Facial benefits is that it does not require much recovery time. Immediately following the treatment, some redness and pain may occur, similar to a sunburn. Bruising may also occur in some patients. The redness goes away the next day. However, some individuals may endure mild edema and rough skin texture. The swelling typically goes away by day three, although the rough surface might last for a week.

The amount of downtime necessary following this therapy is slight, if any.

How Should I Take Care of My Skin after PRP Therapy?

Following your Vampire Facial, it is critical to moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage. Maintain a regular skin care program that includes a quality moisturizer and numerous applications of sunblock with an SPF of 30 throughout the day.

Vampire facial vs. vampire facelift

Vampire facelifts and vampire facials are comparable procedures that might be easily confused. A vampire facelift combines filler with PRP, and because fillers have fast plumping and smoothing properties, you’ll see improvements instantly.

On the other hand, Vampire facials combine micro-needling, which employs tiny needles to generate practically imperceptible pricks in the skin, with other treatments. 

A vampire facelift is an excellent choice for anybody who wishes to firm or contour drooping skin. In contrast, vampire facials can help enhance skin texture or minimize the appearance of acne scars. Some physicians will give both of these therapies at the same time.

The bottom line

The vampire facial is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure for achieving younger, brighter skin. The Vampire Facial is a safe, effective, and painless technique performed by a qualified and experienced aesthetic specialist. This therapy is especially beneficial for people who have suffered from acne and have noticeable acne scars or skin damage from prolonged sun exposure. Now that I’ve explained everything about vampire facials, you may chat with a doctor regarding therapy without feeling rushed.


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