Underarm Chemical Peel

Is Underarm Chemical Peeling Treatment Effective?

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Underarms should be the same tone as the remainder of your skin. However, this specific spot may become black, causing you a great deal of discomfort in front of others. People who want to wear tank tops are self-conscious about their underarms since the dark tone might make them feel insecure.

It’s worth noting that black underarms aren’t harmful to your health, but they may surely detract from your look. The fact of the matter is patients who experience pigmented underarms can now get rid of these unsightly black patches with a chemical peel treatment in Dubai.

People commonly use chemical peels in Dubai as it proves to be successful and low in cost compared to laser treatments.


Why does the underarm darken?

A variety of factors causes the darkening of the underarm skin.

The presence of a large number of melanocytes causes skin pigmentation. Armpits usually are one of the body parts with the most dense melanocyte accumulations.

Your genetic composition and family history determine your body’s melanocyte composition. Hair removal by shaving or plucking may also increase melanocyte formation in the region under your arms.

Bacterial infections, melanoma, and type 2 diabetes are some of the other factors that could potentially lead to underarm darkening.


Chemical Peels and How They Work

Chemical treatments are among the most efficient underarm treatments in Dubai.

This is because this technique peels away the old skin to show the new skin underneath, using FDA-approved acidic peels. The skin that is regeneraed is usually smoother, brighter, and less wrinkled than the old skin.


Chemical Peeling of the Armpits

Now it’s time to address the main reason we’ve all come: “Can chemical peeling assist whiten the underarms?”

The acids destroy melanocytes on the skin’s surface and dead skin cells that cause dark pigmentation within minutes after application. The uppermost layer of skin eventually sheds.

When the outermost layer of skin sheds, the layer underneath it rises to the top. This procedure also boosts collagen formation, resulting in a smoother, younger-looking skin surface.

Chemical peeling of the underarms is usually done using mild or medium peeling solutions, depending on your skin state. A gentle or superficial peel is generally sufficient to exfoliate the skin and eliminate extra melanocytes.


The Technique Used

Underarm chemically assisted peeling is performed as an outpatient treatment since it includes mild or medium chemical peels. Despite this, the skin specialist will administer a temporary anesthetic solution to the treatment region to alleviate any pain.

To treat your underarms, your surgeon may choose to use glycolic acid, salicylic, or trichloroacetic acid. These harsh chemicals could cause the treated skin to whiten and tingle for a few minutes; however, this is no cause for concern. The chemically assisted peeling solution removes the dark pigment from the targeted surface.


Treatment for Underarm Rash

Following the chemical peel treatment in Dubai, the area may start to be inflamed. Patients must adequately moisturize the skin to prevent rashes and irritation beneath their arms. The doctor might prescribe a suitable ointment to help prevent rashes in your underarms but is not abrasive to the skin to assist in healing.



Skin complexion and tone are improved, and fine wrinkles are reduced with the help of a sensitive-to-skin chemical peel. The outcome of the peel are mild at first, but they become noticeable with time. The skin will be considerably smoother after a mild chemical peel. The appearance and texture of treated regions will dramatically improve after a thorough chemical peel. The effects of the peel,  however, may not be long-lasting. Aging and additional sun damage may cause new wrinkles and skin color to change over time.


Cost of Underarm Chemical Peel

The cost of chemical peels in Dubai is inexpensive. It costs an average of AED 599 for two regions and AED 999 for four areas. These costs may be different from place to place, depending on the facilities offered by the clinic.



Dark underarms are generally innocuous and do not pose any health risks. Still, if you don’t want to be afraid of extending your arms, you shouldn’t ignore these places. Due to this, it is important that patients seek the advice of a certified dermatologist.

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