Floral Bath

Floral Bath: A truly complete Ayurvedic Experience

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One of the daily care routines in our life is bathing. It does not only keep our body clean and hydrated but at the same time eliminates excess heat to keep us healthy. When certain herbs, salts and flowers are added to warm water for the purpose of bathing this is known as floral bath. It does not only enhance beauty but at the same time increases the skin’s ability to fight with different germs. The floral baths are an exclusive part many different cultures such as Malaysian, Chinese and Indian. It is a complete Ayurvedic experience which makes your body soft and supple. 

In today’s stressful life most of us would like to go for something which has a truly soothing effect just not on our body but also on the soul. If this could be achieved by means of a bath then there is nothing much better than this. However, if it has to be a floral bath then you need to make sure about a few things as some of them are mentioned below:

  • Collect some chamomile, rosemary and bay leaves and soak them for atleast half an hour in a bucket of warm water. 
  • Now strain the scented water in the water which is already there in the bath tub. Make yourself into the tub and gently rub those soaked leaves on your body.
  • As long as you possibly can, simply relax in that fragrant water. The bath goes a long way towards toning up your body and cooling down the nerves.
  • For the choice of flowers in floral bath, you can choose whatever type you like to such as fragrant tuberose, chamomile, jasmine and rose petals.
  • In order to make or keep the bath water scented, different types of fragrances such as sandalwood oil and lavender oil may be used.

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