Dermabrasion truly helps in removing unsightly facial scars

Dermabrasion truly helps in removing unsightly facial scars

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If you happen to be one of the victims of the unpleasant acne and acne scars, then it is very much likely that you would have tried almost every treatment in the book to get rid of them or atleast reduce their appearance. Somehow, if none of the treatments you applied proved to be fruitful in obtaining the desired results then this might be the right time to consider dermabrasion. It is one of the most effective and perhaps one of the highly popular skin treatments that help in making the skin smoother, shinier, and vibrant in relatively quick time.

There can be a situation such as your wedding or engagement function on cards when you desperately want to have a treatment done for your skin. However, before going for a treatment that involves your skin in particular there, are a few things that you need to consider or know about. As far as dermabrasion is concerned, it first of all must not be confused with Microdermabrasion, which is a technique that involves polishing the top skin layer with crystals in order to remove dead cells. On the other hand, Dermabrasion uses an electric brush and a system of rough edges or micro crystals to remove dead cells. 

The procedure is one of the oldest methods used to improve the quality and texture of skin pigmentation and reduce wrinkles and scars. In the past the procedure was performed using a small device using abrasive agents. In the last decade or so, the laser dermabrasion has gained popularity in terms of demand. This is because it is painless and more effective in removing obvious scars, however less effective for other types of skin imperfections. It provides easy control and adjustment and most importantly does not cause bleeding, compared with the traditional dermabrasion. 

Like many other cosmetic procedures aim to improve skin appearance, people happen to have a number of concerns associated with dermabrasion as well. Although it is generally a safe procedure but possible side effects may include tingling, burning, itching, swelling and redness but all of them are temporary in their impact. Besides, some people may experience a lightening of the skin color, which can possible result in the skin becoming a bit too sensitive to sun along with the loss of ability to tan. If you plan to undergo this treatment then you are advised to wear hypoallergenic make up after Dermabrasion has been performed.


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