Can radio frequency damage your skin

Can radio frequency damage your skin?

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You can do your best to keep yourself fit and young but the signs of aging are inevitable, once you move closer to the forties mark. Some of you may be doing extensive workouts and others may be more than just careful about their diet but fighting the effects of age is always a challenge. Perhaps one of the most painful situations in life is to see your exuberant youth gradually setting into age. However, radio frequency treatments can help you solve a number of problems that you may be up against because of aging. It ensures the best results without the need of undergoing any invasive surgical procedures.

If we talk about how aging can change our appearance in the simplest possible words, then the most common of all the effects is sagging of the skin particularly of the face and neck area. Besides, prominent wrinkles start appearing on the face as a result of which aging seems more obvious. Radio frequency treatments involves the use of electrical pulses that work best for the reduction of wrinkles and at the same time tighten  sagging skin. Additionally, it is a method that transports heat energy to desired areas of the skin in order to promote fresh growth of collagen. 

Although the cosmetic procedures aim to bring  a desired improvement in your physical features  due to the fact that some are invasive, people are not all that much comfortable undergoing them. This is more because people like to avoid any cuts made in the skin and at the same time want quick recovery. One of the biggest benefits of radio frequency treatments is that there are no invasive measures involved so there is no need for anesthesia. Above all, compare to the facelift procedure the radio frequency is cheaper and yields best results with minimum time for recovery. 

It is worth-mentioning here that sagging or drooping of the skin is not the only thing associated with growing age. People also find it difficult carrying out their routine activities like walking half a mile or even climbing up the stairs.  Radio frequency treatments under guidance of fluoroscopy, involves an electrode which is inserted into the body and placed on the targeted nerve. After proper positioning, the electrode is heated to create an abrasion on the nerve. Another innovative and advanced form of the procedure includes a cooling phase. This amplifies the area of the electrode’s impact so can be useful in certain locations of the body. 

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