Benefits and Drawbacks of body Waxing

Benefits and Drawbacks of body Waxin

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Staying hair free is like a forced choice. With all other women quickly adopting the trend of body waxing, in fact, it has become hard if you choose not to wax or thread your arms and legs. You feel awkward with all these hairs on your arms and nothing seems more important at that moment than getting rid of them. 

Waxing is a traditional hair removing method. Most often, it is used to remove unwanted hair from large body areas like arms and legs. Some advantages that body waxing offers are:

  • It is a quick method and removes large number of hair at once. 
  • It removes hair from their roots and so, gives skin a neat surface. 
  • It is less painful than epilation. People who wax their body repeatedly become resistant to minimal pain that waxing causes. 
  • Often body areas that are repeatedly waxed, grow softer hair. 

Drawbacks usually associated with waxing are

  • It causes significant pain in sensitive areas.
  • It produces ingrown hair in some individuals.
  • Its results are semi-permanent. You do not grow hair for two to eight weeks. 

Types of waxing

There are many different types of body waxing

    • Strip waxing is performed using of-the-shelf hot wax which is easily available in market. You may need to heat up wax to melt it. A thin layer of wax is spreadalong the natural direction of the hair in that area. A strip of cotton cloth is carefully pressed on the top of it and then ripped off. Wax sticks with the cloth and along with it comes unwanted hair. Some individuals prepare their wax at home instead of buying it from a shop. They use lemon juice, water, honey buying one from market.  
  • Some women prefer to use wax strips that are handier than the former method. You just need to buy a strip, carefully place it on an area and pull it off against the direction of hair in that area. Hair in that area would stick to the strip and you will be free from your unwanted hair. This method is called cold waxing.Hot wax works more efficiently than cold wax. It pulls out hair from their roots but, it is a messy method and you are always at the risk of heating wax too much to harm your skin. In contrast to hot wax, cold wax may cause your hair to break from the surface of the skin but, it is an easy and less messy method. 

Body waxing is a commonly used method for the removal of unwanted hair.  An individual can wax his or her hair at any age and from any part of the body except eyelids which are extremely soft areas of your body. Waxing leaves the surface of your skin smooth and shiny. 

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