Anti-Aging Facelift Treatments

Anti-Aging Facelift Treatments

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A person who is young at heart might not enjoy an elastic skin. If you are one of those, worry not! There are some very good treatments that can help you in tightening your skin, removing your wrinkles, and lifting your face. This way, you can remain young for a long time. Facelift treatments will not only make you look younger but will also revive the confidence you lost. This article will inform you about the facelift treatments in Dubai and also elucidate why a skin loses its firmness.

Why Does Our Skin Get Saggy Overtime?

Overtime, our skin reduces the production of collagen, a protein that keeps our skin tightened and gives it a youthful appearance, which results in an elastic and saggy skin. Although everybody has to go through the due process of being old, this does not mean that you cannot look young for a long time. There are various non-invasive treatments that can help you combat the elasticity of your skin. You can get your face lifted and wrinkles removed.

Facelift Treatments

As collagen production decreases, our skins start becoming loose. Here are some treatments that you can opt without having to have your skin operated through the knife.


Ultherapy is the most common treatment for facelift. Ultherapy basically employs heat energy from ultrasound to tighten the skin. This heat activates collagen production, and the skin is automatically tightened, thereby making you look young and fresh.

Ultrasound radiations are basically beamed at all the three layers of the skin to stimulate it in producing collagen. This is done under a particular temperature that your doctor sets. Ultherapy does not require anesthesia or incision. In fact, it is, for the most part, painless. You are likely to experience some degree of discomfort. However, that is also minimized sometimes through the use of numbing creams.

Although there aren’t any such requirements, you might be recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is essential for any treatment because a healthy lifestyle is said to give better results in most of the invasive or non-invasive treatments. In fact, it may also determine the longevity of this treatment.

After this treatment, you are likely to see the results in four to six weeks. Ideally, Ultherapy can last for around two to three years if you take good care of yourself.



This is yet another non-invasive way towards getting a youthful, fresh, and tightened skin. Microneedling requires radiofrequency to give structure to the skin and make it firmer. Unlike Ultherapy, which is done over the skin, microneedling employs a needle to transfer the needed heat energy for the pursuit of getting collagen stimulated and regenerated. In this procedure, skin is pricked in a way that it automatically is urged to produce collagen. This also makes newer and healthier skin cells. These skin cells contribute to creating a smoother skin free of elastic skin. Pregnant women must refrain from going through this process. If you are looking for a less costly treatment, microneedling can be the one that will work for you. However, it is important to understand that you have to go by the say of your doctor. Therefore, it is essential that you first visit your doctor to know what will suit you best.

Although these procedures are considered somewhat costly, the exact number is difficult to be given. This is because it highly depends upon the person the dermatologist itself. We have made it comparatively easier for the inhabitants of Dubai as we are able to tell a rough estimate about the pricing of these treatments. On average, however, facelift treatment costs in Dubai range from AED 7000 to AED 18000. Having said that, there are other factors as well over which the cost will be depending.

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