Achieve Plump, Soft and Smooth Skin with an Oxygen Facial

Achieve Plump, Soft and Smooth Skin with an Oxygen Facial

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With high definition cameras and high-society event gatherings taking place regularly, celebrities have felt the need to have pitch-perfect and spectacular skin without the harmful effects of conventional treatments. 

An oxygen facial is that one treatment that purifies the skin of any bacteria and impurities. It helps to soften the skin from any buildup pollutants that have gathered over time. A deficiency in oxygen accelerates the aging process that is why an oxygen facial is important to revitalize the skin. 

An oxygen facial also increases the immunity of your skin and renews it making it even-toned. Bacteria is unable to survive in oxygen hence the high-pressure oxygen gliding deep into your skin kills it and gives a much more youthful, blemish and mark free skin. Your skin starts look more “alive” and vital again. 

It is a quick lunchtime procedure that will last about just one hour that consists of cleansing, exfoliating and softening the skin and ridding it from all the built-up dirt, oil and impurities. 

Celebrities like Madonna and Keira Knightly have been known to use oxygen facials and you can witness it from the flawlessness of their skin but now more and more ordinary people are also benefiting from this procedure to achieve smooth skin. 

Some frequently asked questions regarding oxygen facials are the following: 

How do oxygen facials work? 

Oxygen facials deliver a mixture of pure oxygen at a high pressure, and anti aging serums and solutions through an airbrush to the face. It feels like a cool power washer hitting the surface of your skin to pump oxygen and moisturize the skin.

What are the benefits of an oxygen facial? 

Oxygen facials deeply cleanse the skin by removing all the dirt, impurities and bacteria giving it a plump and smooth look with no red blotches left behind. Another benefit is that makeup application becomes easier as the skin has a smooth and moisturized surface that lets the makeup stay for longer. Makeup can also be applied right after the facial as opposed to traditional facials that require a 12-hour waiting period before you can apply any makeup. 

Where does an oxygen facial originate from? 

The oxygen facial technology was developed by an Australian company and its amazing results have proven it to become popular across the world. Its popularity emerged into the United States in 2006 after people found out that it was Madonna’s top favorite treatment. 

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