Tips to Decorate Your Villa Entrance Luxuriously

Tips to Decorate Your Villa Entrance Luxuriously

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“First impressions are the last impression”. This is true for your villa, as when people visit your home, the first thing they will notice is the entrance. 

A well-decorated villa entrance will set the tone for the rest of your home. So, creating a lavish entrance that ties in with your overall theme is essential. Here are tips to decorate your villa entrance luxuriously.


Clutter is seldom a good look, especially for an entrance. Moreover, in Dubai, minimal looks are more vogue than big, stuffy decorations. So, do not crowd your entrance with too many clashing statement pieces. Instead, opt for a simple and elegant look. 


Along with clutter, mess is another big no for your home entrance. Speak to your interior designer about installing sleek storage units in the entrance to neatly store coats, shoes, and bags. 


If you have a large villa entrance, you can decorate it with one large centerpiece. A round glass table, water fountain, or small seating area are all good choices. Your interior designer can help you choose the best centerpiece in proportion to the size of your entrance. 


A large mirror is a great way to make your villa entrance look more elegant and spacious. You can choose a large mirror with a beautiful Victorian-style border, or opt for a more sleek design. Hang the mirror on an empty wall in your entrance for a regal and functional look. 


Fresh plants are always a good look, especially in sunny Dubai. They will freshen up your reception and provide a lovely pop of color. Work with your interior designer to find the best size, color, type, and placement of houseplants for your villa entrance. 

Bin Salem Design, the best luxury interior design company in Dubai, can help you decorate the most elegant and unique entrance for your villa. 

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