Massage therapy Infographic

Massage therapy Infographic

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Summary: Massage is the best way to relax your body and mind. Massage is often considered a luxury, but it is also a need. Massage reenergizes you to plunge into your daily, tedious life routine and creates an effect on overall well-being. A 400,000 rupees massage chair cannot give you the relaxation and pampering that the fingers of a masseuse can give you. Islamabad Med Spa is an exclusive place for ladies. You have a wide range of massages to choose from. Call or fill out the free online contact form for further details.  

Balinese Massage

A therapeutic massage that originated in the jungles of Bali is now available in the comfort of a spa. Don’t mind if your masseuse has leaves tied to her hair.

Deep Tissue Massage  

Beauty isn’t skin deep, and neither is pain! Have a deep tissue massage and let your masseuse root out the pain from your body. 

Aroma Hot Stone Massage

Let these hot stones absorb the tension and fill you with relaxation while the aroma goes into your body through your breath and plays its magic. 

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage has reached your area! Let the Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, and Tapotement (four Swedish massage strokes) play their magic on your body.

Scalp Massage

Imagine the relaxation of a gentle and relaxing scalp massage. Your eyes are closed, and fingertips are running your scalp, gently rubbing the tension away.

Therapeutic Foot Massage

Your feet hold your weight all day long, and never complain. You can return the favour by presenting them with a therapeutic foot massage.  

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