How to Stay on Track with Your Diet during the Weekend

How to Stay on Track with Your Diet during the Weekend

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There are various health benefits to losing weight. If you have osteoarthritis, losing even a small amount of weight can assist with your symptoms if you intend to undergo surgery; losing weight before the procedure can make your post-operative recovery considerably simpler. If you’re attempting to lose weight, you might be concerned that a holiday weekend filled with celebrations would throw you off course. Well-known nutritionist in Dubai offers some advice on how to enjoy the vacation while being in control:

  1. Eat your vegetables first and foremost. Fill up on veggies first, then protein, and always finish with carbs (i.e., potatoes, chips, rice, pasta). If you’re going to a barbeque, start with a dish of salad or grilled veggies before the hamburger, hot dog, and fries or chips.
  2. Do not consume your calories. All refined sugar drinks, including soda and juice, should be avoided. If you choose to indulge, go for clear spirits with club soda rather than beer or mixed cocktails with a lot of added sugar. Drink some water among each alcoholic beverage. Aim for 6 to 8 glasses of water each day in general.
  3. Put money aside for meals, however not too much! If you know you’ll be eating a large supper, aim to have a lighter breakfast and lunch that’s high in protein and veggies. However, don’t skip any meals entirely, as this might lead to overeating later. For instance, if you’re going to a barbeque for dinner, eat Greek yoghurt for the morning, a green salad with protein and a mild dressing for lunch, and afterwards enjoy the selections at the BBQ at night.
  4. Get going. During the weekend, spend as much time walking, riding, swimming (or engaging in any other activity that you love). Any amount of physical activity counts! If you have an injury, see your physical therapist or physician before beginning any fitness program.
  5. Give in to your desires (in moderation). Cutting off dessert and sweets entirely during a holiday weekend is simply unreasonable and may lead to bingeing or overeating afterwards. Allow yourself a piece of the pie if you genuinely want one. Just try to limit yourself to one slice.

Final words

Finally, try not to be overly critical of one. If you overeat on one day, remember that you can get back on track the next. Don’t let one lousy meal throw you off course for the following few days. Allow yourself to enjoy food while also giving yourself the ability to regulate your eating and feel good about your weight reduction efforts.

Best Dietician in Dubai has some good diet plans for you. So, have fun this holiday weekend, but don’t think of it as a free weekend; replace some of the foods and activities you’d typically pick with healthier options, but you’ll have fun while staying on track with your diet. Best Dietician in Dubai

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