Why Should I Choose hair Transplant

Why Should I Choose hair Transplant

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The popularity of hair transplant is not limited to people belonging to a specific age group or a particular region. Rather it is liked and appreciated by people around the world.Since the introduction of modern hair transplant techniques in 20th century, it spread rapidly throughout the world within the next 20 years. Now everyone knows much or less about the surgery and like it for its benefits.

  • Some people use medicines as an alternative to hair transplant surgery. Rogaine and Finasteride  are frequently used medicines. Finasteride halts hair loss and Rogaine stimulates new hair growth but the bad side of the picture is that once you start taking any of the two or a combination of both you will be destined to use them for your entire life. Because quitting anyone or both will does not only stop your hair growth but you will also lose the hair that you have developed through their use.
  • Apart from the fact that Rogaine and Finasteride may cause a number of side effects like rapid heartbeat, swelling in hands and feet, dizziness, faintness, rapid weight gain, facial hair growth, scalp irritation, chills, cold sweats and permanent disorders in men, using medicines mean you are going to bear a continuous expense rest of your life.
  • Some people use hairpieces, wigs or hats as an alternative to hair transplant. They need a continuous maintenance and the wearer always carry a sense of great fear that sooner or later people will discover that he/she is wearing artificial hair. Like medicines, they are also a continuous expense. Additionally, tight hairpieces often cause headache and they alter the growth of natural hair as well.
  • Contrary to medicines and hairpieces, hair transplant gives natural looking hair. Hair transplant in Pakistan use modern techniques used for hair transplant grow hairs in their natural groupings and so, no one can guess that you had a hair transplant.  Hairlines that are produced through hair transplant are similar to natural hairlines.
  • Hair transplant is the only procedure that gives permanent hair. Even medicines show their results as long as you take them but hair restoration surgery grows hair that last rest of your life.
  • Some people think that costs of hair transplant are high enough that you should not even think about it. In fact, it is a surgery and yes, it costs high as compared to medicines and hair pieces but see what it gives you in return; permanent hair.
  • If you add up the costs that you would spend if you use medicines through the rest of your life, you will see a minimum difference between the costs of medicines and hair transplant. Going to collect medicines from a drug store, taking them daily on time and suffering from their side effects are other ordeals that you must take into account.

As you see, hair transplant is the best option for you if you want to re grow your hair permanently. As it is a surgical procedure, it involves some risks and complications but getting your hair transplant done from an experienced hair transplant surgeon will decrease the probability of occurrence of risks.

You can have your hair transplant in Pakistan because many surgeon who are offering their services in Pakistan are certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery. In addition, hair transplant costs are significantly low in Pakistan as compared to UAE and Europe. So, be ready to have your hair transplant!


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