which is the best hair transplant

which Is the Best hair transplant

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Most of the times people think that the price of a product reflects its quality. They think the same way for the medical treatments and the surgeons also. But is that sane to consider a surgeon who charges high to be better than a surgeon who is charging an optimal amount? In fact, No!

Then how can we evaluate a surgeon if his/her charges should not be the criteria? Of course, through the surgeon’s services. A surgeon’s repute and number of successful surgeries essentially show how vigilant he/she is. Let’s take an example of a hair transplant surgeon. 

Hair transplant is considered to be an ever increasing trend because of the fact that number of patients treated each year is rapidly growing. While some just go and have a hair transplant without noticing the credibility of the surgeon and the procedure, some really care and believe in making well-informed decision. You can check a surgeon’s credibility, qualification and repute but what about the success of his/her hair transplant surgeries! No doubt, it is the most important element to know before choosing a surgeon for your hair restoration surgery.  

Criteria for a good hair transplant

You must ask your surgeon to show you the before and after pictures of previous surgeries. Do not hesitate to ask the surgeon to arrange a meeting if you want to meet some previous patients for your satisfaction. 

Here are some points that you must check in order to evaluate a hair transplant as a good one or a bad one:

  • Hairline must be at an appropriate position; neither too high, nor too low
  • Hairline must have an appropriate size and thickness
  • Hair must be placed in right direction
  • There should not be any visible scarring with minimum hair length of 0.5” and FUE done
  • Density of hair in the treated area should match naturally occurring hair thickness in that area

Inexperienced hair transplant surgeons often make mistake that lead to a bad hair transplant. Some commonly made mistakes that account to a surgeon’s inefficiency or incapability to perform a hair transplantare:

  • Doughnutting: in doughnutting hair survive only on the periphery or rim of the treated area. Hair grafts in the middle of the area do not get sufficient oxygen and fail to survive, creating a hole in the centre.
  • Crescent moon: doughnut is cut off half forming a crescent moon shape on scalp. It results after a poor harvesting technique and doughnutting. 
  • Ridging: a clinically apparent ridge is formed may be due to reaction of surrounding tissue with the transplanted grafts. 
  • Sometimes a hairline is restored to a position that appears unnatural or inappropriate. Often in younger patients hairlines are restored to the adolescent, instead of the normal adult position. 

Now you are well-equipped to judge the quality of a hair transplant. I am quite sure this information will help you a lot in finding an efficient and capable hair transplant surgeon. 

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