Which Factors Determine the Cost of a Hair Transplant

Which Factors Determine the Cost of a Hair Transplant

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Most often cost plays the key role in a person’s decision about hair transplant. Many people think that hair transplant costs are too high and it is better not to think about the treatment. In fact, you may feel cost of hair transplant high but believe me it is quite fair if you compare it with its results. Hair transplant results are ideal, natural looking and so far, it is the only procedure that re grows your hair permanently. Following are the factors that determine the hair transplant cost in Pakistan:

  • Hair transplant is frequently performed through 2 different procedure; strip removal and follicular unit extraction. Each procedure has its own set of benefits and risks. FUE costs higher than the strip removal method because FUE requires intense labor by the surgeon. Another factor that plays behind the high cost of FUE is that it is performed only by experienced and highly qualified hair transplant surgeons.
  • Hair restoration surgery takes hair follicles from one part of the scalp and plants them in the bald or balding site. A larger bald site requires more hair grafts to cover the whole are. More hair grafts means increased costs because most surgeons charge per graft.
  • Locale of a surgeon is particularly important in deciding the surgeon’s charges. Some people fly to the surgeon’s locale in order to have a hair transplant in relatively less price. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is significantly low as compared to its costs in UAE and Europe.
  • Hair transplant surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are highly qualified, experienced and carry an advanced skill set. They charge increased costs for hair transplant but a hair transplant done by a certified surgeon means that most probably you will have an excellent hair transplant done with minimum possibility of risks and complications.

As you see, hair transplant costs are dependent upon number of factors and the exact cost of your hair transplant cannot be judged unless you undergo a brief consultation session with your surgeon. However, a regular hair transplant in Pakistan costs Rs. 100,000-300,000 as of February 2013.

You can find clinics that offer discounts on hair restoration surgeries but these clinics usually tradeoff the results. A bad hair transplant may result in improperly placed hair grafts that will create unnatural patterns of hair, making the hair transplant visible. Therefore, it is advised that you must seek for an experienced and qualified surgeon for your hair transplant surgery because a well done hair transplant means permanent hairs that will make you look youthful and complete.


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