What Is the Difference between Hair Weaving, Bonding, Silicon Gumming & HTS?

What Is the Difference between Hair Weaving, Bonding, Silicon Gumming & HTS?

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When you start losing hair in the mere young age, the last thing you want to happen is having a complete bald head while in your 20s. Fortunately, these days you have a number of options available that can help you camouflage and even get rid of baldness both temporarily and permanently. Some of those that are highly in practice world over include hair weaving, bonding, silicon gumming and hair transplant surgery. However, if this the first time you are coming across all these terms then it is very much important that you have some good knowledge about each of them in terms of difference.

Hair weaving

This is basically a non-surgical procedure in which hairs are added to the scalp. There are two method involved in hair weaving. In the first method, hairs are braided or weaved into the scalp of the person and woven directly with the roots of the natural hair. The second method features using special glue that sticks the hair extension to the natural hair. The hair which is used for weaving can be both, human or synthetic and both differs in cost and quality.


Hair bonding basically involves fixing additional strands of hair to your natural hair. The additional hair that is used may be synthetic or human. The problem with hair bonding is that the additional hair, whether synthetic or real, needs to be fixed to your natural hair. This means using some kind of adhesive, which can be harmful for your hair and scalp.

Silicon Gumming 

As the name implies, silicon gumming involves concealing the bald patches of your scalp by using an applicator that contains silicon. However, for the best results, it is advised to keep your hair short and trimmed as possible.


The above stands for hair transplant surgery. This is the permanent solution to hair loss in which hair from the donor area is removed and implanted in bald scalp areas. There are two methods of this surgery and they include strip removal method and Follicular Unit Extraction.


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