Hair Restoration in Dubai

Types of Hair Restoration

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No matter in which part of planet earth you are located, if you happen to be another victim of complete hair loss or baldness it would be one of your dreams to see your own hairs growing on the scalp. Although it was considered as mere dream in the past but with hair restoration in Dubai it can be transformed into a reality. There are many internationally famous showbiz and sports celebrities who have got their hairs back by undergoing hair surgery in Dubai which has added more to the fame of this facility. It really has created a never ending revolution world over. 

There are many actors and actresses who very nearly had said good bye to their showbiz career just because of hair loss. For those who are living in Asia and of course Middle East, the best example in this case is of the legendary actor Salman Khan. After undergoing hair restoration in Dubai his career seems to have rejuvenated altogether which once seemed to have reached its end like most actors of his era. Apart from him, there are some female actors as well from many other countries who have undergone hair surgery and are now extremely happy and satisfied with the results. 

One thing is worth-mentioning here that when we talk about undergoing a surgery it is not something that people accept very easily. This is because many are of the view that they would have to go through some kind of an invasive procedure which may lead to several never ending complications. Nevertheless, hair restoration in Dubai is absolutely safe and there is no risk of any complications provided that you get it performed by a highly qualified and well-known surgeon like Dr. Farhat Bokhari of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. He has been performing hair transplant and many other useful cosmetic surgeries for many years quite successfully.

Unless you have some good idea about the surgery, there is a possibility that you would be least interested in going for it. Hence if you intend to go for surgical hair transplant it is important to have some inkling about the procedure so as to obtain realistic results. Hair restoration in Dubai offers two methods for interested people. The first method involves strip removal from donor area and is also called FUT method. The other method known as FUE involves one by one removal of hair follicles with the help of special cylindrical punches. However, the hair grafting is very much the same in both methods. 

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