Hair Transplant Procedure

Steps of a Hair Transplant Procedure?

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Hair transplant is men’s favorite cosmetic surgery procedure. And why it should not be? It is the only reliable, permanent, and natural way to regain lost looks. Now, you may be wondering why a hair transplant is reliable, permanent, and natural. Let me explain the hair transplant procedure and you will know why hair transplant is the only solution, which offers all these benefits.

Working principle behind hair transplant

Does hair transplant create any new hairs, which are reliable, permanent, and natural? The answer is a No. Hair transplant only redistributes our existing hair to fill our heads with hair and create an attractive appearance.

The question still remains there. If hair transplant cannot create new hair, how it gives us permanent and natural-looking hair. Actually, we already have what we need in order to have attractive hair. We just need to redistribute them and hair transplant just does the same. If you look at any balding person, you will notice that hair fall usually starts from the hairline and crown of the head. As balding signs of progress, hairline vanishes and scalp at the crown becomes visible. But the hair on the back and sides of the head do not fall. Even the baldest person has some hair left on these two areas. A hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is responsible for killing our hair, leaving us with a bald, shiny scalp. Surprisingly, the hairs on the back and sides of our head have developed resistance to DHT – so they are immune to balding. When these balding resistant hairs are extracted from the back and sides of the head, and transplanted into the balding area, they retain their balding resistant characteristics and do not fall. So, the procedure is reliable, the results are permanent, and they are natural because you have your own hair, just at the required place.

In the following lines, I will shortly explain the steps involved in a typical hair transplant procedure.

Step 1 – Extraction

Extraction of hair follicles (root) is the first step in transplant procedure. Usually, hairs are extracted from the back of the head. We can use two methods to extract hair follicles – strip removal and FUE.

Strip removal:A strip like portion of scalp is removed from the back of the head. This strip contains thousands of hair follicles. Before plantation, these follicles are separated into individual hair grafts with the help of stereoscopic microscopes. After separation, they are ready for plantation at required site.

FUE (follicular unit extraction):Instead of removing a portion of the scalp, this method extracts individual hair follicles directly. This takes a lot more time. However, it is less invasive, less painful, and offers less downtime. FUE can also extract hair follicles from any other part of the body.

Step 2 – Plantation

The surgeon creates tiny holes in the area, where he wants to plant hair. These hair follicles attach themselves to the blood supply at recipient site, and their growth starts within three months.

Our hair grows at about ½ inch per month. So, you can expect the results to become fully visible after one year of your transplant. Now you know that your new hair will be permanent and natural-looking. Do you have more concerns? Contact our professional staff for custom advice.

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