Low Costs of Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Low Costs of Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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Without doubt, hair transplant is thought to be the one of some overly charged surgeries. People think that the surgery costs as high that it is better not to think about it in the first place. They are more willing to spend their life with a bald scalp rather than to get it treated just due to their fear of an unaffordable cost. 

In fact, hair transplant does cost as much that you would need to save some money from your monthly budgets in order to get your hair done. However, its costs are not equal everywhere. A hair restoration that is costing much in one country or at one clinic may cost you less in another country or at another clinic.   

Hair transplantcost in Pakistan is amazingly low. People who want to get their hair done at an affordable cost often come to Pakistan and enjoy reasonable costs. Hair transplant clinics are like attraction for people who visit Pakistan to spend their vacation. Low cost does not mean that Pakistan offers low standard. You will be surprised to know that many American board certified hair transplant surgeons are working here who provide to an elevated level of service standard. You can easily compare results of hair transplant surgeries performed in Pakistan with those of Europe or America. And this is an important reason behind an increasing trend of hair transplant surgeries in Pakistan. 

  • Some surgeons charge according to the number of grafts.  They have per graft charges and sometimes offer discounts after a specific number of grafts. It means you will be charged less if you need less grafts.
  • Technique used for hair transplant has a lion’s share in determining hair transplant cost in Pakistan. Traditional method that takes hair follicles from a strip of skin costs less than the modern FUE procedure, which involves taking out individual hair follicles directly from the scalp. Both the methods have their benefits and limitations. Your surgeon will decide which method is suitable for you.
  • Hair transplant surgeons who are board certified and have plenty of experience and good repute often charge high. They are skillful and are known for their good hair restoration surgeries. You may find their charges higher than an average hair transplant cost, but results which they offerwill definitely payoff your cost. 

A recent trend in hair transplant surgeries in Pakistan

Automation is relatively a new trend in hair transplant surgeries in Pakistan. Surgeons who perform FUE are sometimes assisted with robots. These robots help them in extraction of hair follicles which is otherwise a labor intensive task. FUE surgeons have to punch the skin at an exact point, right in the centre of hair follicle, so they repeat this step over and over until they punch in the centre of hair follicle to extract it. It makes FUE a difficult procedure and that is why machines are used sometimes. 

With an automated FUE surgeon does not have to touch the follicles and it ensures an increased safety of hair follicle. Robots have made the procedure quick and efficient. However, the success of the surgery still depends upon the skill set of the surgeon, not the machine. 

You must come to Pakistan if you want to regrow your hair at a reasonable cost.  People from around the world fix their appointments prior to their visit and enjoy new hairs!

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