Is Your Hairline the Headline

Is Your Hairline the Headline

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Having a perfect hair transplant means no one will ever find out that you have re-grown your hair through a surgical procedure. But what happens if you undergo a hair transplant that is not done carefully! Certainly, your hairline becomes the headline!

People who want to have a hair transplant often get trapped in the marketing tactics of so called hair transplant surgeons. Usually the patients do not know much about the surgery and as a result they believe whatever is fed to them. Allured by the discounts and cheap prices they get ready to have a hair transplant. At that time they do not know what they are losing in exchange of discounts and low costs; the results!

Hair transplant costs are determined by a number of factors like number of grafts to be transplanted, locale of the surgeon, the repute of the surgeon, number of sessions needed and the procedure of hair transplant. Depending upon all these factors hair transplant cost varies significantly from one patient to another. However, a regular hair transplant in Pakistan costs from Rs. 100,000-300,000 as of February 2013.

You may find a surgeon offering treatment in cheap prices but often their surgeries result in the form of failures. You can easily find stories of patients suffering from bad hair transplants over internet. A bad hair transplant results in apparent hair plugs on scalp, loss of hair, unnatural patterns of hair, depression, anxiety, a state of self-consciousness and a fear that people will judge that you have a bad hair transplant.

So, how to select a hair transplant surgeon

You can easily find out a good surgeon to have a hair transplant from if you carry following recommendations in mind:

  • Never compromise on results. Clinics who offer cheap prices and discounts often produce poor results.
  • Search for a reputed hair transplant surgeon who is board certified.
  • Find out an experienced surgeon who has a brilliant skill set.
  • Ask the surgeon to show you before and after pictures of previous patients. All good clinics maintain a record of previous patients.
  • You can ask the surgeon if you want to meet a previous patient to discuss how he/she found the experience and how he/she feels with new hair.

Take your time in deciding for the right surgeon and never compromise on results because everyone is given a single chance when it comes to hair transplant.

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