Is Hair Transplant Possible in Women

Is Hair Transplant Possible in Women?

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Losing many strands of hair everyday does not mean that you will end up with a bald scalp. In fact, you should worry when you see a general thinning of your hair. Because bald patches or an overall thinning appears when you lose hair quicker than you grow hair. This is a critical situation and should be treated carefully. 

Reasons of hair loss in women

There are multiple reasons that can initiate or aggravate hair loss in women like 

  • Hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuation of contraceptives and the onset of menopause
  • Medical conditions like thyroid disorder, scalp infection, alopecia areata and skin diseases.
  • Drugs used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure
  • A physical or emotional shock like rapid excessive weight loss
  • Hair pulling disorder
  • Hairstyles that create extensive tension in hair
  • Gene pool
  • Wrong hair treatments 
  • Imbalanced diet

Some reasons cause temporary hair loss while others create permanent bald patches or a general thinning of hair.

Hair restoration in women

  • Hair restoration or hair transplant is as suitable for women as it is for men. Many women face hair loss pattern just similar to male hair loss pattern that is characterized by a thinning crown and receding frontal hairline. This condition is easily frequently treated through hair transplant.
  • Surgical incisions and scars often cause hair loss from that particular area. Through surgery hair grafts can be planted to the incision and scar sites.  
  • It gives women permanent hair in bald patches formed due to a disease like alopecia areata or traction alopecia, or due to an accident like burning.
  • New techniques of hair transplant like follicular unit transplantation can re grow your eyebrows and eye lashes as well. 

When hair restoration is not ideal for women

  • When you have a general thinning of hair spread throughout your scalp.  Because hair transplant just moves hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another, meaning it does not affect the overall density of your hair.
  • When you are just going through the hair loss period. It is wise to let all your weak hair shed once and then opt for the surgery.  

Benefits of hair restoration in women

The best solution for hair loss: hair restoration is the best answer for all men and women who have bald scalps. It gives permanent hair, involves minimum risks and side effects and your new hair look similar to your previous hair. 

Increased self confidence: although hair loss is depressing for both, men and women, it carries terribleoutcomes in case of women. Women suffering from hair loss are often found to develop social phobia.With new hair people report to have an increased self-confidence. 

Improved self-esteem: hair restoration gives women an increased self esteem and positively affects almost every aspect of their lives. An increase in self-esteem enhances their capabilities and performance. 

Less self-consciousness: women who face acute hair loss develop a sense of strong self-consciousness and feel that they are looking odd and everyone is noticing them.  With a hair treatment done they know that now they look normal and their obsessive self-consciousness disappears. 

Hair restoration in women is not only possible but is frequently performed throughout the world.Do not miss the opportunity of free consultation over phone and the rest is our call!


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