How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

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In fact, hair transplant is rumoured to have high costs from the day it was first introduced publicly. Many people do not think about the treatment just because they perceive it as merely for elite society. The bad side of the picture is that thinking so keeps them from benefitting the treatment while they really need it. The buzz about the high cost is so virally dissipated that people almost believe it and most of them do not try to find out the reality. Is hair transplant cost really so high that it is better to carry a bald head than to go and avail its treatment?

No doubt, hair transplant cost is high for most of us and you may need to put aside some money each month to save the needed amount. But the good thing is that it’s a one-time investment. Yes! I prefer to call it an investment, not an expense. You get your hair done once and enjoy the benefits all your life long.

I can sense now you are thinking that how you could avail the surgery if it is expensive. Let me explain it to you. Its cost is not standard and it means that a little variation in multiple factors may allow a significant fall in its cost. Do you get my point? I hope following points will help you a lot in understanding a way to an affordable hair transplant.

  • Most hair transplant surgeons charge per graft. It means you will definitely be charged low if you need to plant hair in a small bald patch. You can even check how much grafts you need to cover your baldness if you search it on the internet. You can check which baldness stage you are on through Norwood Scale, which is easily available on the internet, and then search how much grafts you would need to cover this patch.
  • The method of hair transplant has a lion’s share in determining the cost. Traditional strip removal costs less than the modern FUE method. So, you can definitely cut a considerable account through choosing a method that lies in your range. But keep in mind that it’s not entirely upon your choice to select a method that you like but your surgeon is the right person to recommend you which method is appropriate for you. 
  • Hair transplant surgeons charge according to their locale. Surgeons, who charge high in Europe and UAE, charge a lesser amount in Pakistan. That is why people from around the world come to Pakistan to have a hair transplant here. And you must not worry for the quality of the surgery because they are American Board Certified surgeons who work to give finest results.

American Board Certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who perform hair transplant surgeries charge higher than other surgeons. But the best thing about their surgeries is that you can compare their results with surgeries performed anywhere in the world. Surgeries performed by inexperienced surgeons sometimes turn to be the bad hair transplants and become an ordeal for the rest of your life. You must not take a chance on your appearance because it is a life time decision.

I hope these points will help you a lot in cutting hair transplant cost and you will also benefit from the procedure. Wish you all the best for your hair restoration! 

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