How hair transplant in Pakistan is helping bald people

How hair transplant in Pakistan is helping bald people?

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Hair transplant is popular in Pakistan and around the world because it is the only option to regain natural looking and naturally growing hair. There are other options, of course. You can take medication, use hair loss concealers, and wear wigs, but all these options have serious limitations attached to it. No other method gives you naturally growing hair. Let us examine closely, how a hair transplant works and what you might expect from a good quality transplant.

We can divide hair transplant procedure in two phases. The first phase consists of the extraction of donor hair, and the second phase consists of planting them into the required area. Hairs can be extracted from the donor area in two ways. Traditionally, surgeons have been using strip removal method. In this method, a strip of scalp is extracted from the back of the head. This strip contains the required hair follicles (hair roots). These follicles are separated from the strip; after separation, they are ready to be planted. The second extraction method is called FUE (follicular unit extraction). Instead or removing a part of the skin, FUE method uses a small tool to extract individual hair follicles. These hair follicles do not need separation and are ready for plantation.

After the extraction phase, it is time for planting these extracted hair follicles. The surgeon creates tiny holes in the recipient area, and carefully plants hair follicles in these sites. These planted hair follicles attach themselves to the blood supply of the recipient site within few days. However, these hairs do not grow immediately. These hair follicles go into a dormant state for three months. After three months, they start their growth and the results become apparent within a year. 

The results of the surgery depend on a number of factors. First, they depend on the quality of your donor hair. If you have plenty of strong donor hair, your surgery will produce good results. Second, your results depend on the skill of your surgeon. An inexperienced surgeon can destroy your valuable hair follicles during extraction or plantation. The natural look of your transplanted hair also depends on the expertise of your surgeon. He has to plant these hairs in the right place with right angle to create a natural look.People, seeking hair transplant in Pakistan are fortunate because they have a lot of options at very reasonable cost. There are a number of clinics with varying degree of service and cost. It’s good to choose an economical clinic, but never compromise on quality for price. Invest your time, effort, and money only when you are sure that you will get the result you are looking for.

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