How hair transplant in Lahore is changing lives!

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It is never easy to say goodbye to your old friends for good. That’s why, we feel anxiety when we see our hair leaving us. A few decades ago, we did not have any option, but to be content with whatever is left. Things have changed in the last few decades. Now most men are good candidates of a hair transplant – a reliable method to regain permanent hair. Let us see how hair transplant in Lahore is changing lives of people.

Omar, a 28-year-old guy, started losing his hair six years ago. Actually, hair loss runs in his family. His father is bald and his brother lost most of his hair in his thirties. He is healthy and handsome otherwise, but early hair loss hit his confidence hard. He looks years older than his actual age. Although, he is quite confident when he is with his friends, he often loses his confidence when confronted with new situations. He also loses his confidence when talking to the girls of his own age bracket. 

Ultimately, he found a solution to his problem – a hairpiece. Despite the fact that it was not very comfortable, and he has to go to his barber after every 10 days for maintenance, he was more than happy. People around him noticed a transformation in his looks and confidence. His parents were happy to see their child, full of vim and vigor. In this wave, his parents decided to schedule his marriage. Omar was happy at first because he liked his fiancée. But, over the next few weeks, a fear gripped him. What will happen when she will know that he is bald? He tried to give himself 100 reasons, but none seemed to work. 

At last, he asked his parents to delay his marriage for an indefinite period, because he wants to make a career before his marriage. His parents were astonished because he did not express these thoughts a few weeks back. 

Meanwhile, one of his cousins, Yusuf, came to visit him from the U.K. He was his age fellow and had severe hair loss just like Omar. Yusuf told him that he had already scheduled an appointment with a famous hair transplant surgeon in Lahore. Omar was surprised because he did not believe that there was an effective method on this planet to regrow hair on his bald patches. They have discussed a lot about hair transplant, but Omar was not still convinced.

Omar accompanied Yusuf during his consultation and on the day of surgery. He was amazed when the surgeon explained the hair transplant procedure to him, and showed the pictures of his past patients. The surgeon told him that the only requirement for a hair transplant is the availability of healthy donor hair, and Omar has plenty of them at the back and sides of his head. 

Yusuf’s transplant went smoothly. Although, his results were not apparent immediately, Omar was really convinced now that this is a great procedure to regrow lost hairs. He scheduled a surgery for him in the next month. 

Now, he is seven months post-op. His transplanted hairs have grown enough to have a short-hair hairstyle. His marriage is due in two months, and he has no fear to be discovered – just the excitement.

It’s a wonder that many people still do not know about the wonders, a hair transplant can play for their lives. If you are one of these, contact our surgeons for free online consultation and change your life for good.  

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