Hair Transplant…A Marvel of Medical Science!

Hair Transplant…A Marvel of Medical Science!

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The heat of blazing sun is tough not only for you, but for your hair too. For many, the roasting temperature of summer is like a nightmare. It makes people more vulnerable to hair problems, especially hair loss. Some experience 2 or 3 times more hair loss as compared to the rest of the year, while others may be less sensitive towards change in weather.  

No matter its summer or winter, hair loss is a common problem around the world in people of all age groups and all races. In the ancient Middle East, loss of a man’s hair was considered to be the symbolization of his lost virility. Some hair loss treatments that were widely used in ancient times include mixtures of animal fats, pigeon droppings, toes of a dog and hoof of a donkey sometimes to regrow hair as well.Thanks to the medical science, now we do not rely on strange things but on efficient things.

Hair transplant has gained an enormous amount of appreciation since the world has come to know the procedure after World War 2. It is currently the only procedure that grows permanent hair. Some benefits of hair transplant are 

  • It gives you permanent hair that never fell out. 
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Modern techniques of hair transplant give the shortest recovery time.
  • Your new hair will not require extra maintenance. They stay quite fine with your normal hair care routine.
  • You can shampoo, brush and even pull your hair and they will grow again!

You can match service standard provided for hair loss treatment in Mirpur with a hair transplant treatment performed anywhere in the World. Our online consultation line is Open and you will receive your answer within 24hours!


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