Hair Transplant Surgery Results in Dubai

Hair Transplant Surgery Results in Dubai

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You certainly would not like to become a symbol of comedy among your friends and age fellows just because of a receding hair line. No one can deny that baldness does have a telling impact on an individual’s personality as well as self confidence. If you think that your confidence level has gone down due to hair loss then hair transplant in Dubai can help you in reviving it. There are many internationally famous sports and showbiz celebrities who have gone for surgical hair restoration in Dubai and are extremely pleased and satisfied with the results. Many famous actors are now back on big screen after going through hair transplant. 

About a couple of decades back, the possibility of growing your own hair back on a bald scalp was nothing less than a dream. Although cosmetic procedures are around for many years but if we talk about hair transplant in Dubai, it gained significant fame after the mid 90s. By the mid of 2000s, many people had gone for this surgery and most of them are quite satisfied with the obtained results. The experience did prove to be testing for some but that included people who got the surgery done from institutes and surgeons who were not skilled in this field. 

You may find people who may not be all that much satisfied with the results. One of the main reasons for this is having unrealistic expectations about the results. Most people expect to have a head full of hairs after getting hair transplant in Dubai which is not always the case. This is because it depends on the method you opt for the surgery as well as the hair density in your donor area. Generally, there are two methods available for hair restoration. One involves removal of hair strip from the donor area while in the other hair follicles are removed one by one.If we talk about the way hair grafting is done, there is not much to choose between the two methods. However, people going for hair transplant in Dubai mostly do not prefer the strip removal method because it leaves a linear scar on the scalp. The other method commonly known as FUE technique allows attainment of maximum hair density with minimal scarring. As far as the cost of getting hair restoration is Dubai is concerned but it very much on the higher side. Nevertheless, if compared with the cost as prevails in some of the European and western countries, it is still very much reasonable if not cheap.

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