Hair Transplant services in Pakistan

Hair Transplant services in Pakistan

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When you plan to undergo a major surgery, there are many things that you take under consideration so as to obtain the best possible results. The most important thing to be considered in this situation is the availability of surgical services in the country or city where you are living. A decade back from now, there were hardly any recognized hair transplant services in Pakistan. However, by mid 2000s the surgery did not only become famous but also reliable. A number of ambiguities that most people had in their minds about the procedure have now been cleared and many people feel encouraged to under the surgical hair restoration in Pakistan. 

One major reason that people were reluctant undergoing surgical hair restoration was that they were not aware about working of the procedure. The hair transplant services in Pakistan are now as good as you can find in any other part of the world. This is because the surgeons here can be compared with the top notch hair transplant surgeons of the world in terms of qualification, skills, expertise and the results they have obtained. Hence, if you are planning to travel abroad and get the hair surgery done then there is no such need. The surgery is now available in all major Pakistani cities.

Generally, there are two methods of surgical hair restoration available in Pakistan. They are very much the same as they are all over the world. The quality of hair transplant services in Pakistan is also of high caliber and according to the required international standards. The traditional procedure known as FUT method involves removal of strip from the donor area which is then divided into small grafts to be implanted in the hairless scalp areas. The other method called FUE is not invasive and involves hair removal one by one from the donor area with the help of special cylindrical punches. 

Although both procedures yield more or less same results and the method of grafting is very much similar. However, people going for hair transplant services in Pakistan have their own choices. Since the FUT method leaves a linear scar on the back of the head so many people are preferring FUE method which does not leave any scarring. The choice if method depends on the surgeon’s recommendations, donor area of the individual and affordability range. You must remember that all good hair transplant institutes in Pakistan usually have high costs set for this surgery. Going for a cheaper one may have dire consequences. 

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