Hair Transplant….Make Your Mind Up! What to Consider for a Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant is a reliable procedure that gives you permanent hair through minimally invasive procedure. It moves hair follicles from an area of thick density to an area where hair grafts are few to none. Or we can say that it actually redistributes hairs. The surgery is generally liked by people all around the world and the surgeons alike. It has won people’s hearts by providing them with perfect solution to their bald scalps. And the modern techniques are efficient enough to give you new eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair and chest hair.

What you need to decide for a hair transplant other than a bald scalp! In fact, there are a number of factors that must be considered before going to decide for a hair transplant. Absolutely you may know some of them quite well but still the list deserves at least a bird’s eye view because you may have missed some important chunks. Let’s see these elements one by one. 

Hair transplant cost

Most often it is considered an element of vital importance. Costs are not same around the world or even in a country. Hair transplant in Pakistan (Pakistan hair transplant) costs you lower as compared to in UAE or Europe. Pakistan resides many American Board of Plastic Surgery certified hair transplant surgeons that are providing their services in their country at a much lower price.  Factors that determine a hair transplant cost include number of grafts needed to be transferred, experience and repute of the surgeon, locale of the surgeon and the procedure for the surgery.  

Finding a reliable hair transplant surgeon:

Find the best surgeon for your surgery because it is a lifetime decision. Once you have got a good surgery, you will enjoy its results the rest of your life. But if you get failed in finding a reliable surgeon you may end up with unwanted results. A bad surgery may need another surgery to fix the flaws in results.

Search for a board certified and an experienced surgeon. It is best if you have a friend or family member with a good hair transplant because he/she can lead you to their surgeon.

Questioning will help you a Lot:

Once you have found a reliable surgeon, set an initial consultation. Be brief and to the point in your questions. Ask whatever tickles your mind. From cost to the results and risks involved, you must know each and everything before making your mind up. Ask costs, check if the surgeon is offering any discount on large number of grafts transplantation, let the surgeon analyze which procedure would work the best for you, tell him/her what you expect from the surgery and how you want to look afterwards. 

All good surgeons maintain a record of their previous patients, you can ask him/her to show you some of the before and after pictures of patients or if you want to meet any of them personally. 

Have your surgery done and be patient

As it is a surgical procedure, means it would definitely produce some degrees of discomfort and complications. A carefully done surgery does not result in serious or permanent risks. However, swelling and bruising in treated area are normal, but they don’t stay longer. Hair transplant does not show its results quickly. Hairs take two to three months before they emerge from the transplanted grafts. Be patient and wait for your hair to appear. 

Carefully observe what your surgeon advises

Always act upon your surgeon’s pre- and post-op advises. You may be asked to observe some guidelines before the surgery that aim to speed up your recovery process. Similarly, post-op guidelines save you from developing risks and complications and harming your new hair while they are more sensitive and need critical attention.


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