Hair Transplant is Your Ultimate Way to have New Hair

Hair Transplant is Your Ultimate Way to have New Hair

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Hair transplant is the ultimate answer for all those who want to have new hair and a youthful appearance. You can regrow your hair through medicines but most of the times medicines turn irritating because they are so temporary that whenever you quit their use, all your new hair will fall out and you will be left with no hair again. That is why people seek for hair restoration surgery as a permanent treatment for their bald scalps.

Hair transplant gives you permanent and natural looking hair. While there are perhaps millions of people who have benefitted from the procedure, many are still wondering whether or not they should opt for the treatment. Misconceptions and prejudices play an important role in declining people’s confidence on the treatment. A common misconception is that hair transplant cost in Pakistan is so high that it’s better not to think about the treatment. In fact, there are multiple elements that determine the hair transplant cost. Let’s see these elements one by one. 

  • Method of hair transplant has lion’s share in determining costs. Traditional approach that removes a strip of skin from scalp, extracts follicles form strip and plants them, cost less than the modern approach, follicular unit extraction, which extracts individual hair follicles and plants them. 
  • Many surgeons charge per graft. So, cost increases as the required number of hair grafts increases. It means you will have to pay more if you want to cover a large bald patch.
  • Locale of a surgeon is also important in determining cost of a treatment. Many people fly to a doctor’s locale to receive treatment at optimal cost. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is significantly lower as compared to Europe and UAE. People visit Pakistan to have their hair done at an affordable price.
  • Surgeons charge relative to their experience, skill set and qualification. American board certified surgeons charge high but they strive for the best results and provide state-of-the-art services to their clients.

Hair transplant is a lift time decision. You must make a careful decision because a good hair transplant will make you youthful and complete for the rest of your life.


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