Hair Transplant is nothing Less than a Marvel of Medical Science Some Determinants of Hair Transplant Cost

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Hair loss was considered one of the most irritating and annoying problems in past. People used to have home remedies only, which served to stop hair loss. But what about the scalp that has lost hair! It used to stay bald for the rest of the life. Or the victim had to rely on wigs and hairpieces that were not less annoying than the baldness itself. As a result, many people tried to develop sufficient level of ease with their baldness while others fell victim to an increased self-consciousness and a deteriorating self-confidence.

Thanks to the marvels of medical science for hair loss is not a problem anymore. Apart from medicines that grow hair temporarily, there is a miracle that gives permanent hair to bald people. Yes, it is hair transplant that is popular around the world for its success stories and permanent results. Although the technique was developed long before the Second World War, but it took an unimaginable amount of effort to take the technique to this level of success. Now, hair transplant is readily available not only for men but for women also.  

Hair transplant cost 

Most often, cost plays the key role in a person’s decision for hair transplant. People have misconceptions and prejudges regarding hair transplant cots in Pakistan. Considering hair restoration merely for the upper class of the society is so common that people do not dare to ask for its cost. No doubt, the treatment was significantly costly in past but it would be pleasant to know that now costs are not that high and they are quite affordable for many people around. Here are some details that you will find helpful.

  • Most often, surgeons charge per graft. It means more grafts you need, higher you will have to pay. Moreover, some surgeons offer per graft discounts when the number of grafts exceeds certain limit. You can avail this benefit. 
  • Procedure of hair transplant is another important determinant of cost. Traditional strip removal method costs less than modern FUE technique. Both the methods have their own merits and demerits. Strip harvesting transplants an increased number of grafts in one session. FUE is an expensive technique but it does not leave a linear scar on scalp and is minimally invasive.
  • Surgeons charge according to their locale. That is the reason behind low hair transplant cost in Pakistan. You can confidently compare hair transplant services that are provided in Pakistan with any European country. Offering services at an affordable rate does not mean that it would trade off the service standard. In fact, many American board certified plastic surgeons are practicing in Pakistan who offer an elevated level of service standards for their clients.
  • Experience and repute of a surgeon are other important factors that determine a hair transplant cost. Board certified surgeons charge high but they work with care and perfection. You can compare results of their surgeries with a similar surgery performed anywhere in the world. 
  • You may find a surgeon who provides discounts and an amazingly lower price for a hair transplant, but would you not bother to think the reason behind this? Surgeons who charge amazingly less often lack required skills and experience. They have an increased ratio of unsuccessful surgeries. And certainly you may want anything but not a bad hair transplant. 

No doubt, cost is an important factor in your decision regarding a hair restoration surgery. Take your decision wisely because a good hair transplant makes you look youthful and complete for the rest of your life. 


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