Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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About a couple of decades back, you would have never even thought that there will be a time when you will be able to see your own hair growing back on the scalp. Hair transplant in Pakistan has made and is turning this mere thought into a big reality. No matter to which age group you belong and how much area on your scalp has become hair-less, this all can now be treated effectively. Nevertheless, before you plan to undergo hair restoration surgery there are a few important things listed below that you need to be sure about in order to obtain best possible results. 

  1. The procedure involves removal of hair from the donor area which is back of the head and then grafting hair into the bald regions of the scalp. 
  2. You will have the choice of two methods available for surgery when going for hair transplant in Pakistan. One is known as FUT or the strip removal method while the other one is called FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction method. 
  3. In FUT or strip removal method as the name implies a strip of hair is removed from the back of head. After that, it is divided into small grafts under the microscope which are then implanted in the desired bald areas.
  4. The FUE method does not involve any cuts made in the scalp as the hair removal is done one by one with the help of special cylindrical punches. Good thing about this technique is that there is no chance of linear scarring which is very much likely in FUT method. 
  5. Hair transplant in Pakistan offers you both the methods for hair restoration. However, the final decision is made on the basis on surgeon’s recommendations, hair density in donor area, number of grafts required and affordability range of patient seeking surgery.
  6. If we talk about the method of hair grafting in both the procedures it is very much the same and there is not much to choose. Both methods have their own pros and cons. However, people prefer FUE because it is least invasive and allows attainment of maximum hair density.
  7. As far as the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan is concerned you may find many surgical institutes offering it at mere low costs which may propel you going for them. The cost of FUT is around Rs. 100,000 or more while for the FUE it may go even more than Rs. 200,000.
  8. It is advised that you must check necessary information about the surgical institute from the internet as well as the surgeon in order to avoid any post surgery complications.

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