Hair Transplant in Pakistan in Affordable Price!

Hair Transplant in Pakistan in Affordable Price!

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Hair transplant is serving its large clientele throughout the world. Beneficiaries of the marvelous treatment are spread all over the globe. Just as the hair loss is not confined to a specific age group or a geographical location, so is the hair restoration surgery. 

Pakistan resides some excellent hair transplant surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are working to offer state-of-the-art services. People from Europe and UAE frequently come to have a hair transplant in Pakistan. Because service standards that are provided in Pakistan are in exact comparison with values and standards that are set in developed and technologically advanced countries of the world. The best thing about having a hair restoration surgery in Pakistan is that even the board certified surgeons who are working here charge considerably less as compared to Europe and UAE. And this is the reason behind the popularity of hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan

There are multiple elements that determine a hair transplant cost in Pakistan like procedure of the treatment, number of grafts needed, experience, qualification and repute of the surgeon. Traditional method of hair transplant (strip harvesting) costs less than the modern method (FUE harvesting). If you want to transplant an increased number of hair follicles, you will have to pay an increased amount. American board certified surgeons charge higher than other hair transplant surgeons. You may take several months to save some money out of your expenses for if you want to have a quality hair restoration surgery. Although there are some surgeons who provide discounts but their surgeries have an increased proportion of going wrong or being end up with unnatural results. 

Hair transplant procedures in Pakistan

Strip removal and follicular unit extraction are two methods that are majorly used in Pakistan. 

Strip removal: it takes out a strip of donor tissue from the back of the scalp, extracts hair grafts from the strip and plants those grafts to a bald or balding site. This technique is used whenever an increased number of grafts are needed to be transplanted in a single session. 

FUE:it takes out individual follicular units from scalp and plants them in a bald patch. It is an amazing technique that does not only grow scalp hair but can also grow eye brows, eye lashes, beard and moustache. FUE gives short recovery time and minimal post-surgical pain. 


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