Hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplant in Pakistan

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You can find expatriate Pakistanis in any country of the world. UK is an all-time favorite destination for Pakistani workers and students. According to a 2010 estimate, there are 1.2 million Pakistanis living in the UK. I have a lot of friends and relatives living there. I was noticing for last few years that whenever any of them visits Pakistan to meet the family, he already had a hair transplant scheduled with some Pakistani clinic. First, I thought it was a coincidence – but coincidences do not happen again and again. Therefore, I was tempted to find out the reasons behind this trend. Because I am a social person (or they think I am), my friends often insist to accompany them during their hair transplant sessions.

Sometimes, I help them to select the surgeons and clinics (if they haven’t already made a commitment). These frequent interactions enabled me to know why they love to have their hair transplant in Pakistan, despite the fact that hair transplant is widely available in the UK.

The most frequent answer I have got was “it costs less – considerably”. “We have seen many people who had their hair transplant from the UK, and we have seen many people who had their transplant from Pakistan. Despite probing, we cannot figure out any difference in their satisfaction level.” 

Besides Wayne Rooney’s famous £30,000 (Rs. 4,650,000) transplant, a typical FUE hair transplant in the UK costs £7,000 (Rs. 1,085,000) while the same quality FUE hair transplant in Pakistan costs £2,000 (Rs. 310,000). Although these costs are averages, they clearly show the difference. You can fairly expect the cost to be three times less in Pakistan than in the UK! Everyone will love to have a hair transplant in Pakistan if the service level and the results are comparable.

I am not worried about my receding hairline anymore! Hair loss is an undeniable fact and most of us have to face it some time in our life. However, if you live in Pakistan, consider yourself lucky – at least in this regard – because you can have best value for your money by having a hair transplant here.

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