Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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Although I am not very much caring about my appearance, but hair fall is something that has perturbed me more than anything in my entire life. It started when I was about 16 year old and continued till the late. I tried almost everything in the book but nothing proved to be helpful and as a result, a major part of my scalp became hair less.  Reading a weekly magazine I came to know about the availability of hair transplant in Pakistan. I must say that it really gave me hope for the first time that I will be able to get my lost hair back. 

On the very next day after I came to know about the surgery, I decided to visit the surgical center. As I entered the main door, I could see photos of some famous local and international celebrities who got benefitted from surgical hair restoration. Looking at them, I was quite surprised because I never thought about many faces that they have undergone surgical hair restoration. Later, I was briefed by a gentleman about hair transplant in Pakistan and I was a bit amazed to know that this surgery was around for many years. Even after sufficient information about the surgery I had many concerns.

There was no rocket science involved in the procedure but still I was in a state of indecision as whether to go for it or just drop the idea. As per what the consultant told me, I would be given anesthesia before the surgery. After that, the surgeon will make a cut at the back of my head to obtain a hair strip, which will be placed under microscope and divided into small grafts. It was good to know that hair transplant in Pakistan as I learned searching through internet, was very much the same as it is in many other parts of the world.  

To overcome doubts, I decided sharing the idea of undergoing hair surgery with some of my friends and family members. Since there was no one around who might have had the experience of undergoing surgery so I was not very much encouraged. Somehow, a close relative of mine who also happened to be a surgeon by profession advised that the surgery is harmless and hair transplant in Pakistan is equally safe and reliable as it is in many other countries. Without waiting any further, I finalized my decision and got the surgery done. Today, I am happy, satisfied and oozing with confidence about my appearance. 

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