Hair Transplant Dubai

Hair Transplant Dubai

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Visiting Dubai is always full of fun and adventure, particularly if you are here for the purpose of shopping and entertainment. Somehow, if you have any plans to undergo surgical hair restoration, then hair transplant Dubai is best for this purpose. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that many internationally famous sports and showbiz celebrities have got the surgery done from this part of Middle East. It has not only changed their appearance but has a telling impact on the self-confidence. Some actors and actresses who went off screen due to hair loss are now back and enjoying benefits obtained from the surgery.

If you are just being asked about undergoing surgery, it is quite possible that you may think thousand times before finalizing your decision. Although there is not much invasiveness involved if you are to go for hair transplant Dubai but still there are many concerns that you want to be satisfied. First of all, you should be aware that the surgery involves removal of hairs from the donor area, which are then implanted in the hairless areas of the scalp. The new hair growth does not start overnight and takes around 6 months to a year before actual results of the surgery are revealed. 

For those of you who happen to have an important event expected or coming up shortly are advised to have the surgery done atleast a year earlier. Presently, there are two methods available and at hair transplant Dubai you will have both available. In the conventional method also know as strip harvesting method (FUT), surgeon will remove a hair strip from the donor area form the back of the head. It is then divided into small grafts under a high powered microscope. Finally, the grafts are implanted into bald regions of the scalp with the help of special cylindrical punches.

The only drawback of strip removal method is that it leaves a permanent linear scar on the area where the cut is made. This is one reason why most people who want to go for hair transplant Dubai opt for the relatively latest Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method. This does not involve any cuts or sutures mapped on the scalp. The hair removal in this case is carried out with the help of special tools which extracts and grafts each hair follicle individually. The cost of FUE procedure may be a bit higher compared to the FUT. However, it is still quite reasonable in Dubai. 


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