hair transplant cost in Pakistan

Hair Transplant cost in Pakistan

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If you just stroll through the streets of some Pakistani cities you’ll see a lot of bald heads. For instance, if you just ask them that whether they are interested in getting the surgical hair restoration done, then most of them would say YES. Somehow, if the hair transplant cost in Pakistan could be brought within affordability range of almost every seeker perhaps no one would hesitate about undergoing the surgery. However, there are a few very important things you need to know about hair transplant as a seeker. This will assure a well informed decision and minimize chances of any possible complications.

Let us start from how the surgery is performed, as many people in Pakistan hardly even know about it. The procedure is quite simple; hairs are removed from the donor area which is mainly back of the head and implanted into bald regions of the scalp. Usually there are two procedures and the hair transplant cost in Pakistan chiefly depends on the choice of procedure. The conventional technique is known as Strip harvesting method in which hair removal from the donor area is done in the form of strip. After that it is divided into tiny slits and implanted into bald regions of the scalp. 

Although the strip removal procedure is quite invasive but yet it is perfectly safe provided that you seek services of a highly qualified, renowned surgeon and ofcourse the surgical institute. The only drawback it has is the scar which is left over after the surgery, which lead to the discovery of the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method. The hair transplant cost in Pakistan depends on the procedure because the strip method takes much less time to be completed than the FUE procedure. Besides, it also allows attainment of optimum hair density which is quite limited in the strip method. 

If you compare the overall cost of hair surgery in Pakistan to what it is in other parts of the world there is a remarkable difference. For example, in Europe, United States and Middle East, the cost is way ahead compared to the normal hair transplant cost in Pakistan. It is worth-mentioning here that apart from the choice of procedure, the cost of the surgical hair restoration also varies according to the number of grafts required to obtain desired hair density. Nevertheless, if you are confused about the procedure you should opt for then better to have consultation with the surgeon who is the best person to guide you. 

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