Hair transplant cost

Hair transplant cost – can I pay per graft?

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The number of grafts needed for transplantation varies greatly from person to person. Some people have minimum baldness and want only few hundred or a thousand grafts to cover their thinning area while many people need four thousand or more grafts to cover their head.

Is it fair to charge the same amount from a patient who needs 1000 grafts and a patient who needs 4000 grafts? Obviously not! That’s why, the practice of charging a lump sum amount for a hair transplant session is decreasing. Instead, clinics and surgeons are adopting the practice to charge on per graft basis.

A graft is a naturally occurring unit of hair on our head. A graft contains 1-4 hair strands. Both, in FUT and FUE method, hairs are transplanted in the form of the graft to produce a more natural look. That’s why it is very difficult to spot out a hair transplant nowadays. Considering the difference in the needs of individual hair transplant seekers, clinics started charging on the basis of per graft. Do you need just a few hundred hairs? Pay for just that. However, if you need many grafts to cover up your head, you need to pay more. For people who need a lot of grafts, many clinics offer a discounted package. So, per graft pricing is a win-win situation for all.

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