Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

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You are standing in front of the mirror and styling your hair as you always do. All of a sudden, you realize that countless hairs have spread all over your shirt and a lot more trapped in the hairbrush. This may not worry you if it happens once in a blue moon but if it happens regularly, you must try to find an effective hair fall treatment. Nevertheless, before you go ahead and find a treatment it is advisable to take a few things into account. Without knowing them, you may just be wasting your money for no reason without obtaining any fruitful solution.

Sometimes, factors like lack of sleep, mental stress, improper diet, environmental changes and unsuitable hair products in use can also result in hair shedding. Apart from this, treatment to a disease such as cancer known as chemotherapy may also cause complete hair loss. However, this is just temporary and there is no need to worry about finding a hair fall treatment. Within a matter of few months the hair growth starts again without doing any major damage in terms of loss. Taking good of yourself and the hair particularly can turn out to be helpful in such a situation without much trouble.

If we look at the main causes of hair fall besides some mentioned above – which only cause temporary loss – there may be a handful of people who have any inkling about them. There is hormone found in blood known as testosterone which has the tendency of getting converted into a more hybrid form called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. You need a hair fall treatment when this conversion exceeds a certain limit. The overly conversion or formation of DHT in the blood makes the hair follicles weak and as a result they start shedding of the scalp which we call hair loss.Over the years, there have been many treatments to control hair loss. For example, use of herbs like Sapindus (soapnut), Indian gooseberry and Acacia concinna (Shikakai) along with coconut oil have proved to be very effective hair fall treatments. Although there are various medicines available in the market that promise to control loss of hairs but most of them are ineffective. It is quite possible that they may go onto produce positive results for some people but it is not the result for everyone who goes for such treatments. In case of complete hair loss or baldness, surgical hair transplant is the best-known treatment.

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