Get Your Lost Hair Back through Hair Transplant

Get Your Lost Hair Back through Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant moves hair follicles from one part of the scalp, typically from back and sides of scalp, to a bald or a balding site. Area that donates hair follicles is called donor site and where follicles are planted is called recipient site. Hair transplant gives permanent hairs that do not fall out through the rest of your life. The procedure is quite a success because it is the only procedure to regrow hair permanently. Procedures that are usually used for hair restoration are

Strip removal: it uses a strip of donor tissue from the back of the scalp, extracts hair follicles from it and plants these hair grafts to a bald patch. It is a traditional technique and leaves a linear mark on scalp. Strip harvesting is used whenever large numbers of grafts are needed to be transferred in a single session.

Follicular unit extraction: it is a modern approach and involves taking out individual hair follicles and planting them in a bald patch. This procedure offers minimum discomfort and downtime to the patient. FUE does not leave a linear scar on scalp.

A good hair transplant returns your youth and makes you complete. You must find an excellent surgeon for your treatment because having a treatment done from a renowned surgeon will ease you through the coming years of your life. 

Now you can get your lost hair back through hair transplant in Lahore. Say thanks to the marvels of science and come on board to have your hair done and find a new You!


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