Do Not Miss Your Chance to Look Younger and Complete!

Do Not Miss Your Chance to Look Younger and Complete!

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Statistics suggest that hair transplant is more popular in men as compared to women. The surgery is equally accepted and admired around the world. Men who opt for it tend to be younger than the females patients.  Hair transplant is widely used to regrow hair on scalp. People who have lost their eyebrow, eyelashes, moustache, beard hair or chest hair can also benefit from the treatment.

Old vs. traditional procedures

As with the other medical treatments, procedures used for hair transplant are also evolving with time. Traditionally strip removal was the only widely used method. Although it is still preferred in patients who need to have larger number of hair grafts transferred in a single session. Although it leaves a linear mark on the back of the head but it is considered a good method as it ensures an increased safety of hair graft. 

Follicular unit extraction is a new approach and is frequently used in people who want to regrow hair on other than scalp. Many patients who undergo FUE return to their work the same day after surgery. Minimum downtime and discomfort and minimal risks are some significant features of this procedure.    

Some facts about hair transplant

Although most of us have heard about hair transplant but we still know little about the amazing treatment. People have some myths and misinformation that keep them from deciding for the treatment. Here are some facts about hair transplant that you will surely find noteworthy. 

  • Hair transplant was used to address male pattern baldness only. But with the advent of modern techniques female pattern baldness is as curable as male pattern baldness. 
  • You may think of having a hair transplant as early as you see a bald patch on your scalp. but having a hair restoration surgery at a younger age is not wise. It may cause unnatural results in your later life. 
  • It gives you permanent hair. Your transplanted hairs never fall. Any subsequent hair fall is more likely from the untreated areas of your scalp. 
  • Your new hairs do not need extra maintenance. They stay quite well with your normal hair care routine. 
  • You can brush your new hair and shampoo them. They look natural and they behave natural as well. If they fall out, they will grow again. 

Hair transplant is an amazing procedure. It does not only restore your hair but also gives you a youthful appearance. Make sure that you are not missing your chance to look younger and complete!


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