Do Not Lend Your Beautiful Life to a Bald Scalp

Do Not Lend Your Beautiful Life to a Bald Scalp

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Hair loss is one of the many issues that prevail in all humans regardless of their sex, race and gender. Previously, it was thought to be a male’s problem. Although almost every one of us has faced hair loss at some time in our life, still the problem is not considered less than a taboo especially in women. Women may undergo an intense stress when they face hair loss. 

There are multiple factors that may lead your way to hair loss. Here are some reasons of hair fall.

  • Gene pool affects a lot. Many people face hair loss and an ultimate bald head because it runs in their families. 
  • Poor nutrition badly affects your hair. Hair is made up of protein. People who do not take sufficient amount of protein eventually face thinning and falling of hair.  
  • Sometimes, stress causes your hair to fall out. Stress may alter your eating habits or it can lead to an illness, all of which would cause hair thinning. 
  • Trichotillomania patients also have significant hair loss. They experience an uncontrollable urge to pull out their hair that leads to bald patches on their scalp.    

Regardless of the reason behind hair loss, if it is not treated on time and through proper medicines it would eventually cause bald patches on your head. Hair transplant serves as the last resort for the sufferers of hair loss. While medicines only grow your hair as long as they are used, hair restoration surgery gives you new hair for the rest of your life. It gives natural looking hair and no one can guess that you have had your hair done.

Usually strip removal and FUE are used for hair transplant. Each method has its own charms. Strip removal is liked for its ability to transfer large number of hair in one session. But it leaves a linear scar on scalp and has a comparatively long list of potential risks and complications. FUE is often chosen by people who wantto have a quick recovery and want to avoid a number of risks. Only skillful and experienced surgeons perform FUE. 

Automation is a new trend in hair restoration surgeries. Robots are being used during FUE procedures that ensure an increased safety of the hair follicle because the surgeon does not touch the hair graft. Robots have made the procedure quick and many risks are just avoided through the use of machines. However, they only assist the surgeon and the success of the treatment is still dependent upon the skill set of the surgeon.

Hair transplant produces natural hair. You can shampoo your hair, brush them and even pull them and they will grow again. Think twice before lending your beautiful life to a bald scalp. Feel free in making free online consultation.

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