Cut the Cost of Your Hair Transplant

Cut the Cost of Your Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant is admired and appreciated by the surgeons and the patients alike. It gives amazing results and no one can guess that you have your hair regrown through a surgery. The procedure is efficient enough that it can grow your eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache and beard hair as well. Another noteworthy feature of the treatment is that your transplanted hairs never fall out. And if they ever, for instance, they will grow back.   

Most often, hair transplant cost plays an important and deciding role in a person’s decision for the surgery. A lot of people think that its costs are too high that it is better to carry a bald scalp instead of having it treated. As a matter of fact, hair transplant cost is high but you must not forget what you earn in return. You may need to save money for a couple of months to collect a sufficient amount for the treatment but the result of the treatment would stay for the rest of your life. It is more like an investment where you invest once and enjoy everlasting gains. Hair transplant cost is dependent upon multiple factors. A variation of these can help you in cutting cost so as to match it to your budget. 

  • Some surgeons charge per graft. It means more grafts you need, higher you will have to pay. Small bald patches need lesser grafts to cover them and such a surgery definitely costs less. 
  • Surgeons charge according to their locale. It means having a surgery in Europe or UAE would definitely cost you more than it costs you in Pakistan. That is why many patients fly to Pakistan from Europe to have their hair done at an affordable cost.
  • Method used for the surgery has a lion’s share in determining cost. Traditional strip removal harvesting costs less than the modern FUE techniques. But you must know the positive and negative sides of both the techniques to decide for a procedure. Strip removal may not suit you if you want to have very small hair in the back of your head. Otherwise, it is a good procedure. 
  • Surgeons who are American board certified, have excellent repute and an abundant experience in hair transplants often charge high. However, results that they provide define their costs well. Many surgeons who charge less compromise on the quality of surgery and the results as well.
  • Some surgeons offer discounts on surgeries. You can benefit from these offers. Sometimes surgeons who charge per graft provide discount offers after a certain number of grafts. 

Hair transplant is your life time decision. It gives you hairs that stay on your head throughout your life. You must make a wise and informed decision because a good hair transplant would make you happy and you will appear young and complete for your whole life!

Life is small and you must not waste your chance to look young once again. Pick your phone up and book your consultation! 

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