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Beat Your Baldness with Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant moves hair grafts from an area where they are in abundance to a bald or balding patch. It does not give you new hair rather redistributes your hair in an attempt to conceal a bald area. In the traditional method of hair transplant, hair grafts found on the scalp can only be used as donor hairs. But modern FUE can extract hair grafts anywhere from the body where they are present to plant them on a bald patch.

Follicular unit extraction

FUE is frequently used to treat severely bald patients. It extracts individual hair grafts and plants them in a bald patch. FUE has a number of advantages over traditional FUT like

  • It harvests follicular units in their natural groupings thus ensures a natural appearance.
  • It gives minimum downtime.
  • It does not produce a linear scar.
  • FUE has minimal potential risks and side effects.
  • Only highly experienced and skillful surgeons perform FUE.

FUE produces very small scars that look more like pinpricks. They are not visible even with a buzz cut.

Would people know that I have a hair transplant?

Hair transplant produces natural results and no one could ever guess that you have regrown your hair through a surgical procedure.

Hair transplant surgeon plants hairs in their naturally occurring groupings and natural direction which ensures that the new hair would definitely look like your natural hair. No matter you have done your frontal hairline or your crown, results will be equally good.

Hair transplant is an amazing procedure that does not only give you hair, but self-confidence to move in your society. Contact a Board Certified plastic surgeon to regrow hair and earn your youthful appearance once again!

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