Bald Scalp! Get it Over through Hair Transplant!

Bald Scalp! Get it Over through Hair Transplant!

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Hair transplant is the last resort for everyone who has developed a bald scalp due to a continuous shedding of hair. Previously, People used wigs and hairpieces that lost their significance with the introduction of medicines like Rogaine and Finasteride. But as these medicines do not give you permanent results and you have to use them throughout your life so, people are more inclined towards the permanent answer which is none other than the hair transplant.  

Get over with your bald scalp through hair transplant which is the only procedure that can regrow your hair permanently. Let’s find out some of the important dimensions of the treatment. 

Noteworthy points about hair transplant

You must know some features of the surgery before coming to have a hair transplant in Pakistan.

  • Until now, it is the only procedure that gives you permanent hair. 
  • If your transplanted hairs ever fall they will grow again from hair grafts. 
  • You will experience some discomfort during and after surgery. As it is minimally invasive so you will only have minimal pain. 
  • FUE is a popular procedure used for hair transplant in Pakistan that can be used to grow eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard hair and chest hair. 

Why hair transplant in Pakistan 

Pakistan resides some American board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are performing hair transplant surgeries at affordable charges. They offer efficient results that you can match with any hair transplant surgery performed in Europe or America. People visit Pakistan from all around the world to have a hair transplant here. 

Procedure of hair transplant

Procedure of hair transplant depends upon the method used. Strip removal and FUE are two widely used methods that have somehow different procedures. 

In a strip removal method surgeon takes a strip of skin from the back of the scalp and extracts hair follicles form this strip. These hair follicles are then planted in the bald or balding site.  

In a FUE treatment surgeon extracts follicles from scalp and plant them in the bald area. It carries an increased risk of graft damage. 

Which hair transplant method is good

Both the procedures are good. Each has a unique set of benefits and limitations. Your preferences and the area under treatment decide which method would serve your needs the best. 

Strip removal is a suitable procedure for those people who may need any subsequent hair transplant surgeries in future because it leaves sufficient number of hair grafts for future use. Moreover, it costs less than a FUE method. 

Unlike strip removal that grows scalp hair only, FUE regrows eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard and chest hair. It offers minimal pain and minimal post-operative discomfort. Patients who do not want to have a linear scar on their scalp find FUE suitable for them. Only experienced and highly qualified surgeons practice this method so, having a FUE would essentially mean that you are availing services of an experienced surgeon. 

Potential side effects 

As the procedure is minimally invasive it does not have a long list of side effects and complications. You will have swelling and bruising in the treated area that subside during the next few days. As the transplanted hairs are traumatized to their relocation they fall out during the first ten days after surgery. However, your new hair will appear within two to three months.

Itching and scab formation are other side effects that are temporary. Massaging your scalp would ease itching and shampooing would prevent scab formation. 

Hair transplant in Pakistan is quite a success for its permanent and unmatchable results. You can benefit from online consultation if you want to know more about the treatment. 

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