Are Hairs the Only Benefit that a Hair Transplant Provide You?

Are Hairs the Only Benefit that a Hair Transplant Provide You?

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People do not use hairpieces and hats anymore because now they have a permanent solution in the form of hair transplant for their bald scalps. It is the only procedure that gives natural and permanent hair thereby giving you a youthful appearance.

Despite of the amazing results of hair transplant, still many people think twice before deciding for hair transplant. Not because they doubt its results, but because of a common misconception that hair transplant is too expensive to have.

Hair transplant cost:

Pakistani immigrants living in Far East and UAE prefer to have their hair transplant in Pakistan because hair transplant cost is significantly lower in Pakistan as compared to UAE and Europe. A regular hair transplant costs between 100,000 to 300,000 in Pakistan. And you can compare the results with any hair transplant performed in Europe or America. Pakistan offers some American Board of Plastic Surgery certified hair transplant surgeons who offer their services with unbeatable standards.

You can find some clinics offering hair restoration in lieu of less than Rs. 100,000 but they tradeoff the results.

Psychological benefits of hair transplant:

Improved outlook is not the only thing that you buy with hair transplant. A number of psychological benefits come along with new hairs.

A small study conducted to gather psychological benefits that people obtain with a hair transplant showed following results.

The results of this study were presented at the annual scientific meeting of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Hair restoration has the power to drastically alter a person’s life. People with hair loss are often found to have social phobias that negatively affect their relationships and hinder their performance at work place. Hair transplant is seen to have reversed the psycho-social problems that were originated due to hair loss. Its effects are dominant in people who suffer with acute hair loss.  Here are some other benefits that people experience with new hairs.

Self-confidence: people who have bald scalp often discount themselves for not having hairs and as a result their self-confidence deteriorates. With new hair, they think that now they look attractive, smart and handsome and it increases their confidence.

Self-esteem: decreased self-confidence means low self-esteem and poor self-image. People who have low self-esteem are unhappy and are very prone to anxiety and depression. On the contrary, knowing that they are looking youthful, smart and attractive make them happy and increases their self-image.

Less self-consciousness: self-conscious is a state when someone is preoccupied with self-awareness. In such cases, people think that they are being watched or observed. People who are bald fall victim to self-consciousness easily. Hair transplant makes them happy and neutral in their feelings.

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