Alternatives of Hair Transplant

Alternatives of Hair Transplant

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Hair loss is prevalent in all parts of the world, all races and both sexes. People respond to hair loss in a variety of ways. Some accept it open heartedly others become self-conscious. Luckily or unluckily, there are quite a few who carries their thin hair or bald scalp with honor, while others try their utmost to hide it.  Here are some alternatives that people frequently try to conceal their hair loss.

Wigs, toupees and hats:hairpieces and hats are old methods to conceal hair loss, however, there are some people who still use them.  They are temporary solutions and the wearer always remains fearful of being identified as the one with a hair piece. In addition they require increased maintenance and some tight hair pieces cause headaches and may affect the growth of remaining hair.

Medicines, lotions and sprays:some medicated treatments that involve sprays, medicines or lotions work really great to grow new hair but their results stay as longer as you use them. Minoxidil and Finasteride are specifically popular for treating hair loss.

Hair transplant:it is a surgical treatment to grow new hair. Hair transplant is the only treatment that gives permanent hair and can grow hair on any part of the body including scalp, eye brows, eyelashes, moustache, beard and chest. New techniques used in Pakistan hair transplant are minimally invasive and transplants hairs in their naturally occurring groupings, thereby ensuring natural looking results.

Hair pieces vs. medicines vs. hair transplant

Hair pieces Medicines Hair transplant
Quantity of hair N/A Minimal Maximum
Natural results No Yes Yes
Maintenance High Optimal Optimal
Expenditure Continuous Continuous One time
Results Temporary Temporary Permanent
Generally approved as a permanent cure No No Yes


Benefits of hair transplant:

You can see that hair transplant is the only permanent cure for hair loss victims. Its alternatives do not offer long lasting results. Here are some benefits that hair transplant offers:

  • It can grow hair on scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard and chest.
  • It gives permanent hair
  • Modern techniques plant follicular units in their naturally occurring groupings, thereby producing hairlines similar to the natural hairlines.
  • It is a one time investment.
  • Transplanted hair does not need extra maintenance at least not more than that you do for your natural hair.
  • It gives you a youthful appearance.
  • New hairs increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Procedures for hair transplant

Here are some procedures that are usually used for hair transplant.

Strip removal harvesting: it removes a strip of scalp tissues from the back of the head, extracts hair follicles from the strip and plants them in the bald patch.

Follicular unit extraction: it extracts individual follicular units in their naturally occurring groupings from scalp or any other area of the body (called as donor site) and plants them in the bald patch. It does not leave a linear scar in the donor site.

Follicular unit transplantation: it extracts follicular units along with sebaceous glands, a muscle and nerves and plats them in the bald patch (the recipient site). This technique offers increased safety to the follicular unit.

FUE and FUT are more popular due to their advantages over traditional strip removal method, like do not cause linear scarring, offer minimum downtime and cause minimum discomfort to the patient.

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